• Installation of EditShare XStream

    High performance scalable storage for collaborative Post, Broadcast, DI and more.

    EditShare XStream, our flagship storage product, is all about high-performance and scalability.  Systems can start out as small as one Workflow Director with 16-drives. Then, as your needs grow, you can add up to 4 storage expansion units for a total of 80 drives. With today's high-capacity disks, that means you can get over 320TB in a single XStream server.

    Xstream Storage | store media assets without limits. Single systems grow to over 600 TB and support 100s of users.

    Growing an XStream system is achieved via PCI-e expansion, which means each set of 16 drives gets powered by its own RAID controller, resulting in the fastest, lowest-latency storage. Thanks to EditShare ESA (Extreme Scalable Architecture), you can also put multiple XStream systems onto your network where they work together – along with your Energy, Metro and Field servers – as a single massive storage environment. So with XStream, you can scale both “up” and “out”.

    EditShare Mbps speedometer-over-700

    A single 16-drive EditShare drive set can support over 700 MB/sec of throughput when used with high data rate codecs such as 2K DPX. *

    EditShare XStream can meet virtually any collaborative workflow challenge – even where large numbers of users require media sharing and edit-in-place capabilities with the highest resolution files.  Whether your facility is focused on news, sports, drama, documentary, reality TV, digital intermediate or education, XStream has the power and scalability you need.

    What's more, EditShare XStream includes EditShare's powerful Flow asset management and Ark backup and archiving software – turning your storage system into a complete end-to-end tapeless workflow solution.

    Add multi-channel, multi-format SDI ingest and playout servers, worker nodes, tape libraries and more to increase your productivity and help keep you focused on the creative part of your business. 

    *Throughput is directly related to the data rate of the streams being read or written.  The highest throughput is achieved with the highest data rate streams. With lower data rate video, you get a high number of streams, but the total throughput you can get out of a set of drives will be lower than with high data-rate video.

  • Feature highlights

    Extreme performance and industry-leading stream counts

    Each 16-drive set of 7200 RPM drives supports up to 5 streams of 10-bit Uncompressed HD 1080i/29.97 –  more when drive sets are striped together.   Performance with 15,000 RPM drives is approximately double that. 

    Extreme scalability

    PCI-e expansion allows “scaling up” to over 600 TB per XStream server. EditShare's Extreme Scalable Architecture (ESA) allows “scaling out” to Petabytes and is no more complicated than purchasing additional servers and plugging them into the network

    Outstanding reliability

    All EditShare storage solutions use the industry’s most reliable Enterprise hard disks along with RAID-5 and RAID-6 hardware. 

    Cost-effective, yet powerful Eethernet connectivity

    In 2004, EditShare pioneered the idea of “in-place editing” over standard Gigabit Ethernet connections, showing the world that Avid and Final Cut Pro workstations didn't need expensive and fragile fibre channel technology to play multiple streams of uncompressed SD material, or multiple streams of compressed formats such as DNxHD 220. Today, thousands of EditShare customers can testify to the fact that Gigabit Ethernet works, and works great – even when playing back multi-stream effects.

    Dual 10 gigabit Ethernet ports standard

    In 2005, we became the first company to ship systems with 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections, offering 10 times the bandwidth compared to standard Gigabit Ethernet. Today, all XStream systems include the latest in 10 Gigabit technology, 10GBase-T, which provides 10 Gigabit performance over common CAT 6 or CAT 6A cables.  Now, everybody can get affordable 10 Gigabit performance. Windows workstations running Avid Media Composer typically see up to 4 streams of 10-bit Uncompressed HD 1080i/29.97.  Mac workstations running Avid Media Composer or Final Cut Pro typically see up to 6 streams of 10-bit Uncompressed HD 1080i/29.97

    Support for DI workflows

    DPX optimizations allow 3 streams of uncompressed 2K DPX per group of 16 x 7200 drives – more when drive sets are striped together. Performance with 15000 RPM drives is about double that.  

    Flow asset management and Ark backup and archiving included with every XStream system

    With file-based workflows growing larger and more complex every day, EditShare believes a storage system simply has to include tools to help you catalog and manage all your files, as well as tools to help you back them up and archive them to less expensive and more energy-efficient devices.  Every XStream system includes Flow software (Linux server plus Windows and Mac clients) for file-based ingest, logging, cataloging, searching, simple cuts only editing and drag and drop into the leading NLE applications. In addition, XStream includes the basic Ark software for backing up and archiving to approved tape libraries (purchased separately), including many Quantum, HP and Spectralogic models. 

    Optimized and tweaked Linux foundation

    EditShare storage servers run on a rock-solid Linux base –  but not all Linux operating systems are the same.  A decade of tuning and tweaking our version of Linux, based on our vast knowledge of media creation applications such as Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools,  Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro, has led to the best storage platform in our industry. 

    Enterprise class drives with the performance characteristics you need

    Some storage companies cut corners and ship systems with Desktop or Desktop+ drives that only come with one or three year warranties.  EditShare exclusively uses the finest enterprise rated drive, all of which come with a 5-year warranty. As you build out your system, you can choose the most cost-effective enterprise class hard drives for your workflow –  mixing and matching between 7200 RPM, 15,000 RPM, or SSD drives.  

    File level sharing

    EditShare’s elegant NAS technology controls locking at the file level, allowing multiple editors to write to the same volume simultaneously – crucial for efficient workflows.  In comparison, many SANS use volume-level locking, allowing only one user at a time to write to a volume. 

    Avid media sharing

    Multiple Avid editing applications simply cannot share media on a standard IT-type NAS or SAN; if you try to do this, the different Avid workstations will quickly corrupt each other's database files. EditShare's patented Avid media sharing technologies, however, make collaboration with Avid a breeze. 

    Project sharing and bin locking

    Working together gets really interesting once editors can open the same project to share ideas, sequences, cuts, etc. EditShare developed and patented the first non-Avid “bin locking” solution to allow Avid editors to work collaboratively and use the same bins simultaneously without stepping on each other's toes.  We later extended our technologies to support Final Cut Pro 6 and 7 and Premiere Pro.  And now we have the world's most advanced project sharing for our own NLE, Lightworks.   

    Intuitive administration tools

    Although the technology behind every EditShare system is highly complex and sophisticated, the front-end Administration tools make it very easy to create user accounts and spaces for media and projects, and to then assign different user rights to the various spaces. Managing an EditShare system is simple enough to be handled by a senior editor.  

    Dynamically resizable spaces

    To make media management easier, content creation organizations usually want to create different “spaces” for different projects so that media files can be easily archived or deleted when they are no longer being used.  Because EditShare “spaces” are just virtual volumes, enlarging or shrinking them after you create them is as simple as a couple of clicks. 

    No per-seat license

    Removes barriers to productivity and provides faster return on investment. 

    Deletion security

    Controls who can delete files and when; delete to “Trash” and “Undo” if you discover you deleted by accident. 

    Powerful synchronization / backup tool

    Lets users duplicate media files across two or more servers, whether located in the same building or on the other side of the world.