XStream HT

XStream HT is the collaborative storage solution of choice for production companies, post facilities, OB trucks, news operations and colleges that need powerful media and project sharing plus scalability at a competitive price. XStream HT ships as 16-drive and 24-drive servers which have the same great performance and stream count characteristics, it’s just about your capacity needs. Plus you're in safe hands as all our storage solutions use the industry’s most reliable Enterprise hard disks along with RAID-5 and RAID-6 hardware.

Extreme performance

All XStream storage solutions use the industry’s most reliable Enterprise hard disks. As you build out your system, you can choose the most cost-effective enterprise class hard drives for your workflow –  mixing and matching between 7200 RPM, 15,000 RPM, or SSD drives, along with RAID-5 and RAID-6 hardware.

XStream HT delivers industry-leading stream counts supporting hundreds of simultaneous users as well as 2K, DI and other high-bandwidth workflows. Each drive set of 7200 RPM drives supports up to 5 streams of 10-bit Uncompressed HD 1080i/29.97 - more when drive sets are striped together, and performance with 15,000 RPM drives is approximately double that.

Intuitive production tools

EditShare lead the way in allowing editors and creative contributors access to media on storage, starting with key initiatives such as allowing multiple editors to write to the same volume simultaneously, project sharing and 'bin locking' support for Avid, Adobe and Apple NLE’s. With the latest tools day to day admin is easy too, including managing individual projects with dynamically resizable spaces so you can run multiple projects and manage individual media as you need.

With file-based workflows growing larger and more complex every day, EditShare believes a storage system simply has to include tools to help you catalog and manage all your files, as well as tools to help you back them up and archive them to less expensive and more energy-efficient devices. Every XStream HT system includes Flow software (Linux server plus Windows and Mac clients) for file-based ingest, logging, cataloging, searching, simple cuts only editing and drag and drop into the leading NLE applications. In addition, XStream HT includes EditShare's Ark software for backing up and archiving to approved tape libraries.

Extreme scalability

Growing an XStream system is achieved via PCI-e expansion, which means each set of drives gets powered by its own RAID controller, resulting in the fastest, lowest-latency storage. Thanks to EditShare ESA (Extreme Scalable Architecture), you can also put multiple XStream systems onto your network where they work together – along with your other EditShare storgae servers – as a single massive storage environment. So with XStream HT, you can scale both “up” and “out”.