The EditShare Academy: Achieve Your Potential

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 'EditShare Academy', providing sales and technical training with certification to our valued customers, Channel Partners and other video professionals using EditShare solutions. The newly formed Academy will offer a mix of instructor-led and e-learning courses designed to take students from beginner to expert in EditShare tools and workflows. The EditShare Academy offers sales and video professionals (creatives, workflow consultants, and IT managers) a structured curriculum that culminates in industry certification in one of three areas: EditShare Associate, EditShare Engineer, and EditShare Sales Professional.

Advancing Technical Capabilities and Enhancing Workflows

EditShare Academy authorized training and certification programs are developed for sales and video professionals who are responsible for operating, servicing and working on EditShare EFS high-performance shared storage, Flow media asset management, QScan and Helmut platforms. The learning tracks give IT administrators, creatives, service and sales engineers the technical knowledge and confidence that EditShare systems are fully operational in the correct configurations, running at optimal performance to maximize the ROI.

Achieving the EditShare certification demonstrates an individual’s ability to define optimal workflows, install, configure, administer and support an EditShare system in a creative agnostic environment. Program tracks include:

  • The EditShare Associate Program: providing Channel Partners and video professionals with advanced operational knowledge of EditShare products, workflows and solutions.
  • The EditShare Engineer Program: upon completion Channel Partners and video professionals will command expert technical and operational knowledge on EditShare products and solutions.
  • The EditShare Sales Professional Program: designed for Channel Partners who actively support customers through the sales process and manage ongoing customer success.

For EditShare Customers

Whether you’re an educator, a creative, a workflow consultant or an IT manager, the EditShare Academy will provide you the necessary tools to implement, deploy, and fully utilize EditShare workflow solutions. The Academy will provide first-hand training and certification in order for you to achieve maximum return on investment from your purchase.

Certification Tracks For EditShare Channel Partners

We are committed to customer success at every step - from initial planning of an EditShare installation to the unboxing of the order, to extending the workflow through EditShare APIs in conjunction with our partners. EditShare Channel Partners certification tracks improve customer engagement, offering valuable insight into the processes of selling, deploying and supporting every EditShare system that enters the field. Upon completion, EditShare Channel Partners will be able to define the correct EditShare platform specification and installation for a wide range of workflow scenarios, wherever they are located around the globe.

EditShare Associate certification from the EditShare Academy will validate sales professionals proficiency on all aspects of EditShare installation, including specification, management, deployment and on-going support of systems. Certification across all three EditShare Academy program tracks signifies mastery of both sales processes and technical platforms.

For information on class offerings and schedule please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or speak to your local EditShare account manager.