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Having gained some notable awards in 2017, EditShare come to NAB Las Vegas with an exciting line-up and some major announcements to be made at the show. Our team will be on hand to showcase our comprehensive suite of production tools including solutions for scale-out storage, AQC and file-verification, asset security and anti-theft, media asset management, disaster recovery and production continuity.

From our innovative and industry game-changer EFS (EditShare File System) storage platform, which allows you to start smaller but scale indefinitely - right through to Flow MAM, which brings a new intelligent layer of Asset Management to any media storage pool, EditShare will change the way you think about your workflow.

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EditShare File Auditing - New for 2018

Offering peace of mind for content creators

2018 Security Product of the Year

National Technology Awards 2018 - EditShare Shortlisted

Introducing a new way of enforcing accountability to secure your content against data theft. EditShare’s highly anticipated storage auditing capabilities - which will ship with all single node and enterprise class XStream EFS platforms - are realised through a sophisticated Auditing Dashboard. This intuitive UI will provide system administrators with a high-level view of all actions across the EFS storage pool, historic and real-time, right down to individual user and file level. The operator will be able to pinpoint who carried out an action, what files or directories were affected, and exactly when that took place. Unlike other auditing approaches, EFS auditing does not impact real-time operations or system performance. EditShare XStream EFS auditing data is easily exported to third parties and other auditing applications. Fully compliant with MPAA guidelines, EFS auditing has you covered for your security audit.

EditShare Shared XStream EFS File Auditing

Quales AQC - Automated Quality Control

Major News announcement for NAB

Having recently announced AMWA compliance for AS-11 UK DPP*, EditShare are taking this scalable and easily deployable AQC solution to the next level.

Come and see us at NAB to find out what our development teams have been up to over the last few months. Look out for some exciting news about the product and its options to suit all sizes of budget.

With major national and international broadcasters adopting more and more complex delivery specifications, the EditShare team is paving the way to easy compliance at the click of a button. If it’s CALM compliance or macro block errors, Quales AQC can tell you more about your content than you might imagine. Not many humans can read the KLV values of an MXF file. In fact, why would you waste money employing a human to do that kind of work? Quales AQC carries out this kind of repetitive task incredibly well, delivering an ROI measurable in days not years. Furthermore, Quales AQC is compatible with nearly every popular MAM solution, including total integration with EditShare’s powerful Flow suite. Come and get hands on and learn how we are changing people’s views on the power and potential of QC-automation in modern media workflows.

*Learn more about AS-11 DPP compliance

EditShare Quales

EditShare XStream EFS scale-out intelligent storage

Multi award-winning single node scale-out EFS 200 & 300 systems

Since their introduction at NAB 2017, the new line-up of 200 and 300 solutions have been implemented and installed at creative facilities around the globe. The EFS single-node solutions picked up the ‘Best Storage Product of 2017’ at the IABM storage awards. In fact, single node platforms picked up three awards in total last year and we’re now pushing to make the best even better.

EditShare’s formidable EFS distributed shared storage platform for media professionals is engineered to meet the needs of production facilities of all sizes, from the small to mid-tier EFS 200 & 300 models, up to the enterprise-class EFS 450 - infinitely scalable to multiple petabytes. The EFS range delivers speed, control and flexibility through a robust administration interface, enabling users to enjoy maximum workflow collaboration, sharing media and metadata across all leading non-linear editing, audio and grading platforms.

XStream EFS delivers breakthrough performance at an affordable price point. It’s the choice for all post production creative houses looking to invest in a next-generation, intelligent shared stored platform.

At NAB, you can learn about all the new enhancements we are adding to single node and enterprise class solutions including file auditing capabilities.

EditShare Shared Storage - XStream EFS 200 & EFS 300
‘Best of Show’ Award for XStream EFS - 2014 ‘Best of Show’ Award for XStream EFS - 2015 EditShare, EndemolShine Germany and MoovIT win ‘IBC Innovation Award’ for collaboration using XStream EFS and Flow MAM - 2016 ‘Best of Show’ Award for Single Node EFS - 2017 IAMB Design and Innovation award for best storage product - 2017 ‘Best of Show’ Award for best storage product - 2017

Flow - independent, software-defined MAM platform

At IBC 2017, we announced that Flow will be released as a storage-independent, software-defined platform. Available to integrate with non-EditShare storage environments, now everyone can take advantage of Flow’s powerful media management and workflow automation tools.

After recently introducing a Beta programme for a number of customers and facilities, our developers have been working closely with our partners, fine tuning the release version, ready to deliver an incredible user experience. The ability to add AirFlow, Flow Automation and Flow Story to existing storage environments has opened a lot of possibilities for customers – from Remote Workflows to fully automated Transcoding and Delivery solutions.

Platform free and fully software-defined, this all-new independent version of Flow will add a layer of intelligence to your existing storage environment. Search, find and retrieve those valuable assets quickly and efficiently, whilst getting content directly into your favourite NLE, whether it's Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, FCP or Lightworks.

At NAB 2018 we are showcasing this new software-defined version of Flow and the versatile Ecosystem that develops by putting in place a powerful and integrated media asset management solution. With breakthrough price and performance, come and see how EditShare is revolutionising production workflows across the world.

EditShare Flow Logo

XStream EFS 40NL - nearline parking storage

There’s an important new addition to the EFS family - XStream EFS 40NL. It’s a storage node that’s intended for “parking” media that still needs to be accessible almost instantly, but which doesn’t need the extreme speed called for in the middle of a production workflow. It’s the ideal product to save material you know you’re going to need soon - but not right now. And because of this, it’s costs significantly less than production-speed storage. And yet it still has all the robustness and reliability of EFS - and it’s completely scalable.

Solutions for disaster recovery in major productions have become the norm. The requirement to back up your content to safeguard against incident is now as commonplace as archiving content. The 40NL began shipping in Q3 of 2017 and has proved to be something of a revelation - we have gone on to ship hundreds of petabytes of disaster recovery and parking storage around the globe. Get to see it in action at NAB 2018.

EFS Shared Storage - XStream EFS 40NL

HelmutFX - virtual coordinator for 4k post-production

Developed by EditShare partner, Moovit, HelmutFX is a tool that simplifies production management and streamlines working processes in a post production environment. One of the key aspects of HelmutFX is that the tool is integrated into the existing workflow. In other words, HelmutFX adapts itself to the workflow – not the other way around. Working natively with Adobe Premiere, HelmutFX works in the background and manages search and administrative processes for Premiere project files. The tool supports editors as they work, thanks to a customisable program interface and personalised settings in the editing panel of their editing software. HelmutFX sorts, distributes and backs up edited files automatically. Users can focus on their core tasks – whether they are part of a small production environment or a large-scale project with multiple participants across networks. HelmutFX natively integrated with EditShare's end-to-end workflow environments.


Geevs - next-generation ingest and playout servers

Geevs is the backbone of many facilities and broadcasters around the globe. Robust and powerful, Geevs is a workhorse, enabling you to ingest multiple HD channels of video in a variety of codecs. Our engineers are always driving to pack more punch into an ever smaller form factor. Geevs next-generation systems arrive to NAB serving up a serious performance boost. We have packed more power into the new slimline server, offering increased bandwidth with 10Gb connections, more horsepower with a new multi-threaded CPU, hardware RAID as standard, more RAM and increased storage options. Furthermore, Geevs can connect directly up to Flow for Baseband, ideal for sports, PCR (production control room) and Reality TV programming.

EditShare Geevs

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