EditShare Field™ – A Thoroughbred Performer at the Burghley

The Burghley Horse Trials is a premier equestrian event which takes place every fall in parkland about 90 miles north of London. Known as a four-star event, the Burghley is considered more difficult than the Olympics and the World Championship.

The Challenge

David Mann led the team from TV in Europe, producers of this year’s BBC coverage. Compiling the highlights from the vast amounts of footage was one challenge. Mann said the Cross Country coverage was particularly daunting. There were multiple, simultaneous video feeds recording each of the hundred riders as they rode the nearly mile-long course through varied terrain. With 32 fences to jump, it takes about 12 minutes for each horse to complete the run. Even with the starts staggered every four minutes, the competition lasts about six hours.

“With five separate feeds over a span of six hours, you can see why it’s somewhat difficult,” says Mann. “All told, we had about 40 hours of dressage, cross country and feature material to go through and you can’t really start working until the Cross Country’s over”.

The Solution

For an overnight turn-around, Mann needed a solution that could handle large volumes of material while also allowing multiple editors to work collaboratively and simultaneously. He deployed a 3TB EditShare Field™ supplied by EditHeaven in London to improve his workflow.

The EditShare Field™ is the world’s first portable shared storage solution. It’s compact and ruggedised, designed for field work. Like all EditShare media sharing and storage products, EditShare Field™ supports a wide range of editing and compositing applications including products from Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Canopus and Media100. EditShare Field™ stores audio and video files in a central networked location and connects to laptops and desktops over standard Gigabit Ethernet. The EditShare Field™ supports all SD and compressed HD resolutions (including DNxHD). Its rules-driven workflow ensures no data is accidentally overwritten or destroyed, enabling small editing groups to work with maximum efficiency and creativity.

The Workflow

Event organisers provided live feeds from various cameras positioned around the Cross Country course. The feeds – recorded in DV50 – were digitised to the EditShare Field™ over Gigabit Ethernet. Four Avids were used to pre-select clips. The loggers tracked each feed, noting the riders, and field positions and times. Two additional Avids were dedicated to editing; other workstations were used for previewing sequences and packages ready for air.

Once Saturday’s race finished, the editing crew had an overnight window of twelve hours to complete the hour-long show. In the morning, the commentator did the voice-over and after a final check, the show was sent via satellite to the BBC.

The Benefits

With the EditShare Field™, the work group had instant access to the material. “EditShare’s ability to work seamlessly with Avid meant the team could work in a single environment, which was a big improvement over previous years. It made it ten times simpler.” says Mann. “We had tried lots of things in the past. With other configurations, we often had to do things twice – ingesting or copying from one device or another in order to let somebody else work on the video.” He especially liked the easy organisation and media protection features of the EditShare. After the trials, Mann found it easy to offload media for archival use and to produce longer versions of the competition for international use. Even during the crunch of heavy editing, Mann says the EditShare proved itself a winner. “There were no issues at all,” he adds. “It behaved absolutely brilliantly.”


  • EditShare Field™
  • 3TB on Gigabit Ethernet
  • 4 Avids for Ingest
  • 2 Avids for Editing
  • 2 Workstations for Preview