Diamond Bros.

EditShare Runs in Style with the Diamond Bros.

Shared storage shows its versatility in fast-paced production for the sports industry’s high-fashion boutique sneaker business.

No, EditShare hasn’t moved into the jewelry business, but it did help create 13 sparkling gems of a production for two of the country’s best-known content creators.

Based in New York City, The Diamond Bros. have been in the video production business for 15 years working on a wide range of top-notch broadcast, web and feature film projects. One of their most recent productions involved a total concept-to-completion project for a world-famous manufacturer of sports shoes and apparel – FILA.

“The company wanted to create and sponsor a short documentary series that featured conversations with owners and buyers at independent sneaker lifestyle stores,” explains Jason Diamond, partner and director. “These spots covered how the store owner came to be in the business, some personal reflections and philosophies relating to the sneaker and sports apparel industry, and of course, what role FILA played in their personal histories.”

Jason says that since the advent of sneaker blogs and online releases, it’s easy to think of traditional stores as being in danger, but the personal touch does still exist, and these short documentaries were designed to give viewers a glimpse into the daily lives, undeniable passions, and thought processes of these influential doyens of the retail sports footwear industry.

“The store owners all took very different roads to come to their destination. The spots reveal that no two shops are alike, but they are successful thanks to the diversity and style of the owners, their staff, product selection, environment, and the community that supports them."

Nationwide shooting means extensive footage

The campaign, titled Rise of the Independents, was shot in ten cities around the US using RED EPIC cameras.

“We used a PIX240 off board recorder attached to the EPIC camera,” reveals Jason. “This allowed us to generate DNxHD 36 offline files for editing in Avid in real time while simultaneously recording the raw .R3D master files in camera. The files on the PIX240 match the EPIC files’ timecode and file name.”

When shooting at a location was completed, the offline files were then imported, on location, into Avid to create Avid MXF files and bins for the editors. By the time the crew left each location, they had double backups of offline and raw files.

Upon arriving back at The Diamond Bros.’ New York base, a shuttle drive was handed over to their post producer and editor with all files ready for editing using Avid Media Composer 7.

“This project for FILA was a large post job in terms of the timeframe and number of people involved,” states Jason. “That’s why we decided early on that we needed a shared storage system that matched the quality and requirements of this hectic and exciting production.”

An EditShare Field 2 with 16TB of storage provided the solution that The Diamond Bros. needed. Field 2 features hardware RAID protection, enterprise hard drives, and media and project sharing support for all leading NLE systems. The base Field 2 model comes equipped with four Ethernet ports for direct connections to client workstations or laptops.

The workflow explained

“In many instances, the team would come back with multiple interviews from disparate stores, and all the content had to get onto the system quickly and efficiently,” says Jason. “Our workflow starts with the assistant editor transcribing the interviews. The story producer would go through the content, stringing out the stories and relevant information. Then the editor would start putting it all together. This flow worked incredibly efficiently, as the assistant and producer worked one or two interviews ahead of the editor, leveraging project sharing to collaborate on the story building.”

EditShare provides a Project Sharing / Bin Locking feature that allows editors to work collaboratively and safely use the same bins simultaneously – without interfering with each other’s output.

“Project sharing in this way proved to be the most valuable asset. The team was constantly collaborating on the story evolution and the ability to simultaneously access the same material and projects saved us time and a great deal of duplication of effort. It was very impressive to see how well the combination of EditShare and Avid worked.“

Once editing was complete, the raw .R3D material was handed off to Juan Salvo at The ColourSpace, a New York City color and finish facility, for grading using Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve. The Audio Mix was done at GreatCity Post by Ian Stynes.

More than a sneak(ers) preview

The finished spots have been airing once a week on Complex Magazine, an online lifestyle magazine. On December 5th, FILA will launch a seven-minute video combining the more FILA-centric aspects of the independent interview content with some additional company messaging. The program will be shown online as well as at a major industry event hosted by FILA at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York’s Soho district.

Summing up his experience of the editing process, Jason states, “The EditShare Field 2 was the perfect fit for our project. As a smaller facility, we don't need the larger footprint and related personnel that typically comes with a SAN and shared storage environment. Previously, we would have used a Sneakernet (the term used for the transmission of electronic information from one computer to another by physically carrying it on a drive). Thankfully, although our client was FILA, EditShare provided a much more efficient system. The small, all-in-one box and easy admin for new users and project spaces meant we could be up and running almost immediately with a few Ethernet cables and mouse clicks.”