Karga 7 Goes Into Overdrive

"There's great peace of mind, knowing that we already have the right equipment and systems in place that will allow us to expand with ease." Those are the words of Emre Sahin, executive producer and co-founder of Karga 7, as he explains the huge benefits working with EditShare has brought to the company.

The award-winning production unit started with just three people in a small office in Los Angeles five years ago. Now, more than 70 are employed at a larger LA-based facility and at a satellite office in Istanbul, Turkey. “Since day one, there has been rapid growth. Once we purchased EditShare equipment, the expansion was very easy to handle. In fact, when we moved into our bigger premises, all we had to do was plug in the EditShare system and we were up and running and editing again within a couple of hours.”

Most of Karga 7’s work has been in the non-fiction field – producing documentaries and programs for channels such as National Geographic, Discovery, History and TLC. Even with the explosive growth, Karga 7 continues to do all editing in-house.


More Than Shared Storage

Sahin explains that when the company began operations, many individual hard drives were used for the capture, storage and archiving of material. It quickly became clear, however, that such a solution was impractical and unmanageable as the amount of material being shot grew significantly. “When you are doubling in size every year, a shared storage solution is the obvious answer. We researched the market and found EditShare could provide all that we needed.”

More than a shared storage system, the solution for which Sahin and his colleagues opted includes a 32TB Energy shared storage server, EditShare Flow for file-based ingest, browsing and logging, and EditShare Ark Tape for archival.

The integrated EditShare technology not only supplies highly cost-effective centralized storage, but it also includes tools that streamline complete end-to-end tapeless workflow, covering file ingest, logging, searching, backup and retrieval.

Where expansion is required (as is certainly the ongoing case with Karga 7), the shared storage Energy system includes EditShare’s Extreme Scalable Architecture (ESA) feature. This allows multiple Energy systems to be incorporated into a network where all the units will work together as a single storage environment.

Integrated Asset Management and Archive

EditShare Flow, used for ingest and asset management, integrates seamlessly with EditShare shared storage and Ark for backup and archive. The intuitive application includes an “edit-while-capture” capability that allows editing to start within moments of ingest. Universal Media File technology permits Avid- and QuickTime-compatible non-linear editing systems to use the same media files. “We use a combination of Avid, Final Cut Pro and Adobe for editing – and EditShare is versatile enough to handle all of these formats with ease,” states Sahin.

Flow also incorporates bandwidth-controlled, file-based ingest that ensures network and storage do not become overwhelmed if multiple users are transferring clips from P2 or XDCAM cards at the same time. “At any one time, up to 30 people can use Flow to access the same set of files off the Energy storage system,” explains Sahin. “These might include producers, writers, loggers, legal representatives and archivists as well as editors.”

Ark Tape completes the production chain by providing a fully integrated, affordable and secure LTO archive system to preserve media and project files.

Versatility With Ease

“One of the major considerations in selecting this system was the ability to run multiple platforms. The archiving feature is very important because we shoot so much footage – and the ease with which we can search, find and then retrieve the needed material is a major plus for the operation. So, too, is the simplicity with which we are able to archive to LTO.”  Because Ark Tape seamlessly integrates with the Energy shared storage platform and Flow media asset management solution, Karga 7 has a tiered storage environment with tremendous automation. Flow lets users view low-resolution proxy files of all material stored on Ark and easily restore any files they want to bring back into an online state.

The Cornerstone of Production and Post

Sahin says that Karga 7 is always looking at technology that is in the front line of production – whether that involves cameras, audio techniques, editing or, of course, shared storage. He adds that the same criterion applies to those organizations with whom the company works. “It has been very appealing to be involved with a high-energy organization such as EditShare. From pre-sales to order processing to setup, there have been no problems, and we have been thrilled with their service.”

“Having the EditShare setup means that we don’t have to figure out how we are going to expand even further. The solution is already in place. And there are plans for us to move into different areas of production. Although most of our output so far has involved factual documentaries, various networks have approached us to work on drama productions. Knowing that we can add to the system to handle an increased workload means that the commitment we made to use EditShare has truly paid off for us.”

He concludes, “EditShare is a key part of our operation. It has certainly saved us a great deal of time and money – especially in keeping track of our ever-growing library of material. If I were to sum up the massive benefits, I would have to say that EditShare has streamlined our work and is the cornerstone of all that we do for our growing list of clients.”