Nationwide television station enjoys the speed and power of EditShare solutions to bring quality news and factual programming to Italian audience

La7 is an Italian television channel owned by Cairo Editore Group and operated by Telecom Italia. Its programs are typically factual and news-based, and it strives for a qualitative approach instead of seeking higher TV ratings.

In order to create a strong competitor against the six other national channels in Italy, Telemontecarlo was taken over in 2001. After establishing itself over the channel’s formative years, by 2010/11 the channel began doubling its rates, in no small part thanks to current News director Enrico Mentana and his news program TG La7. The channel’s primary content is news, including the flagship daily TG La7 news programme, cultural programmes and talk shows including, arts, culture, sports and comedy, along with live sports events and syndicated TV series from around the globe.

The Problem

Simone Madoni is La7’s Chief of Broadcast Operation, responsible for all technical areas for the channel including playout, editing, storage and studio management. Simone manages a full-time technical team of five amongst La7’s total of 115 at its Rome headquarters. As part of an overall drive to improve programming and its operations, Simone looked to replace La7’s entire workflow and digital asset management capabilities as its previous system was reaching the end of its useful life. It turned to local post-production and high-tech broadcast reseller, 09 Technology, to assist in procuring a suitable replacement solution. “Our previous system was not up to the standard we required so we realised we had to replace almost our entire workflow,” said Simone,” but crucially we wanted to find a solution which could do everything we required it to, but wouldn’t be cost prohibitive, so we enlisted 09 Technology to help us source the perfect system.” As La7 were keeping some original aspects of its existing workflow, the new solution would need to be flexible enough to work across a range of applications and software. This prompted 09 Technology to put forward EditShare’s range of solutions which are created with integration and collaboration as the major focus, along with being a cost-effective solution when compared to its competitors.

The Solution

To meet its needs, La7 purchased an entire EditShare workflow to ensure newsroom integration across both its Rome and Milan sites, including Geevs HDP 44 SD/HD video servers, Flow file ingest servers, Flow Browse database servers, an XStream 16TB expansion chassis and four playout/ingest control workstations with GE-Live and GE-Autorun clients. In addition, EditShare’s ARK disk integration solution was implemented to transfer 200,000 existing IMX50 assets from La7’s original system, ensuring all assets were migrated with the metadata recovered and optimised for the new system. The 200,000 La7 property-flagged assets stored in Ark are used not only for internal production but are also sent to an external web portal to be purchased by other broadcasters or professionals. The low res clips and metadata are transferred from EditShare Flow.

Newsroom Considerations

In line with the channels renewed focus on news, a great deal of La7’s original content is produced by its large team of journalists. This required a new, fresh look at how the journalists, archivists and post-production team could work effectively together. During busy times, when the editors take a rough cut of sequences being prepared by the archivists and journalists from their workstations, it results in the system simultaneously handling up to 50 Flow Browse connections. “Another big advantage with choosing the EditShare system was its ease of use – especially for the different personnel who will be using the system, the different backgrounds they come from and the different systems they may be comfortable using,” said Simone. “With EditShare this wasn’t a problem as it’s a truly open system allowing integration with a number of different systems and editing software.” Once the complete EditShare workflow solution was chosen, the team began using it without any problems almost immediately after it was installed. “With 09 Technology’s help, we managed to teach our entire team to use the system to a confident level thanks to its easy learning curve. Our journalists, archivists and post-production team were up-to-speed incredibly quickly.”

A Seamless and Stable Working Environment

La7 runs the EditShare system continuously for 20 hours each day, meaning they rely on it for the very heart of the channel’s daily operation. Having a system that could withstand the daily pressure of a busy national TV station was imperative for Simone: “We really had to be certain the solution we purchased would be up to the task, as the entire team rely on it every day to be able to produce, edit and playout content to our audience which has doubled in the last two years. “We have experienced no problems whatsoever with the EditShare system. It’s secure, stable and extremely reliable. Having a full file-based system we can rely on has completely changed the way we work.”


Rome site:
8 x channels Geevs SDI Ingest
2 x channels FLow SDI Ingest
4 x channels File Ingest
32TB XStream Storage
4 x channels Geevs Playout (main and backup) in two different studios
EditShare Ark Disk Integration 260TB

9 x Avid Media Composer workstations (with Flow Browse)
50 x Flow Browse clients

Milan site:
Energy 32TB with Flow Browse
Energy 32TB with Flow Browse
4 x Final Cut Pro NLE
2 x channels of Flow Ingest