RiAus - Vodcasting with XStream and Flow

FLOW Browse, FLOW HD Ingest & EditShare Storage.

About the Company

RiAus is an Australian scientific non-profit organisation with a mission to promote public awareness and understanding of science. RiAus believes every citizen has a right, and a responsibility, to be informed, and the organisation aims to make the wonders of science fun and accessible for all Australians, whilst inspiring a new generation to learn and appreciate the importance of science in their daily life.
RiAus produces online video content, education and teacher support programs led by notable scientists, and they hold many public events and panel shows.

All video content is produced in-house. RiAus’ studio facility is equipped with Sony HDC-X300 cameras, mounted on Telemetrics robotics, and for external shoots they use Sony PMW EX3 cameras.


The Challenge

Each week, RiAus produces a variety of material – most notably their news Vodcast “A Week in Science”- to be digitally distributed by live stream, YouTube and Vimeo channels.

To manage the variety of content required to produce the shows, RiAus looked for a solution to ingest and store the content on a centralised video storage system. The challenge was to efficiently complete multiple projects simultaneously and meet the delivery deadlines.

With many weekly projects on the go, RiAus required multiple channels of HD video ingest, a large centralized storage server, and multiple video editing suites. In addition, developing an efficient workflow would ensure that the most efficient use of their equipment and people.

The Solution

For live video recording needs, RiAus chose EditShare Flow Ingest, Flow Browse for media asset management, and an EditShare XStream storage solution to meet the post-production needs. The complete system delivers high-performance, cost-effective collaboration, and a solution to their complex workflow requirements.

Video is ingested direct from camera to the EditShare central storage, whilst allowing all edit suites to access the content. Multiple edit suites can work on the various programs at the same time, with staff being able to work flexibly to meet the delivery needs.

Four years later, EditShare is still delivering user-friendly workflow solutions for RiAus.

“From live shoots, live logging to editing via Final Cut Pro across multiple workstations, EditShare is a huge part of our video workflow” explains RiAus’ Av Manager, Peter Sansom.

EditShare’s server-based system of hardware and software is optimised for video collaboration. With file level sharing capabilities, editors on any connected workstation can capture, access and share in real time from a common pool of media files.

Utilising EditShare’s Flow products, RiAus is able to add efficiency and increase productivity in their busy production environment.

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