On Location with EditShare's Field

Using the brand new “EditShare Field” shared storage solution, Media Mobil GmbH of Leipzig Germany recently reported on location the EU Interior Ministers’ Conference in Dresden for German broadcaster Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk. Leveraging standard Ethernet, EditShare Field provided a shared – centralised storage environment for four Avid editors consisting of different configurations; AVID News Cutter Adrenaline, News Cutter XP and AVID Xpress Pro HD. EditShare Field is an open storage solution, so the particular software version or functionality of the AVID systems were not an issue for the editors to freely share projects and media. For the Media Mobil editors, the only co-ordination required was to set the compression standard to DVCPro 25 across the board. The Avid editors were able to edit and collaborate on the same project using EditShare’s “project sharing” feature. This unique technology enables the editors to access in realtime all Avid projects and material stored on the EditShare Field system.

Finished packages or packages in progress were sent from any one of the editing system for D-SNG transmission to the broadcaster avoiding the time consuming tape playback stage. After four days of reporting for the news and “MDR-Aktuell” only 30% of the 3 terabytes storage capacity had been used. The four hard disks each with a capacity of 750 Gbytes in a Raid 5 configuration gave the editors confidence that there would be no problems at any time during the production.

The EditShare Field storage solution was put in action again just a few days later. The EditShare Field solution was used to network three AVID editing systems for a special edition of the ARD magazine programme “Brisant” on location at the Opera Ball in Dresden Germany. The team standardised format on DVCPro 50 without any problems.

Technicians and editorial staff alike were won over by the flawless operation and low level of system administration required for EditShare Field. The level of flexibility for using EditShare Field on location was significant. For the first time, it had been possible to use a shared storage system on location with extreme critical timing requirements that came close to the standards of a networked production in a studio broadcast environment.

Videokonzept GmbH of Hanover was responsible for technical supervision, training and supply of the EditShare system.