New Zealand’s TV3 and EditShare Take on The Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup (RWC) 2007 created a flurry of excitement for New Zealanders.

Millions of frenzied fans had championship expectations and were glued to the TV as their top-ranked team headed to France for the tough competition between the 20 qualifiers. For TV3, the official network for New Zealand’s broadcast coverage, the effort was full-force to deliver the fast-paced action on and off the pitch.

The Challenge

Anticipating a hectic schedule with matches in different cities over 6 weeks, the TV3 team set up a temporary production hub in Paris for all its coverage – video editing, creating athlete profiles and feature reports for inclusion in their broadcasts. They needed a reliable, shared storage solution at the core of the operation – one that could accommodate heavy workload, high volumes of video and quick turn-arounds. The shared storage solution’s workflow benefits and compatibility with other broadcast equipment were key considerations.

TV3 turned to Doug Braddock of AV Intelligence, the regional EditShare supplier, to help find a solution that would meet their stringent requirements for collaborative sharing. “This was a great opportunity to work with the Canwest TV3 network,” says Braddock. “Shipping the equipment to France and back posed a few challenges, but to be part of the support team for such a prestigious, international event gave us a chance to really showcase EditShare’s performance and reliability.”

The Solution

AVI pre-configured and tested an EditShare 3RU system with 4TB of RAID protected storage for TV3’s shared editing. EditShare systems are Networked Attached Storage (NAS) devices that are highly optimised for video editing – both in their hardware and their software. Unlike many standard SAN devices, EditShare technology supports file level sharing, allowing multiple editors to write to the same volume simultaneously. TV3 expected to have up to five Avid editors connected to the EditShare at the same time; speed and collaboration were key in turning around packages for timely highlights. With EditShare, works in progress and finished packages are shared and instantly available to all users on the EditShare network regardless of application or platform.

Offering more than just shared storage, EditShare provides true project sharing capabilities for both Avid Apple® and Final Cut Pro editors. Multiple editors can work from the exact same Project and get instant Read Only access to each other’s bins and sequences – a key workflow feature that helped TV3 turn out great highlights and packages.

The Workflow

EditShare operates on a cost effective Gigabit Ethernet network for quick, easy deployment and straight-forward administration. Tim Parsons, Chief Engineer for the TV3 RWC explained, “It was simple and fast to set up the EditShare at our studio in Paris, and we recorded every game of the RWC’07 on it, editing all of our program material using networked Avid editing systems.” Parsons also appreciated EditShare’s seamless integration with various Avid models. “With many teams of journalists and editors coming and going, we needed to be able to quickly connect any machine that came in the door,” says Parsons. “With the EditShare system we didn’t have to worry about client licenses or complicated installation procedures. It took all of five minutes to have any laptop that walked in the door up and running sharing media and projects. Mac laptops running Media Composer worked side by side with PCs running Media Composer Adrenaline or Xpress Pro Mojo,” he added. Content was edited in real-time DV25 for TV3’s Standard Definition broadcasts.

The Benefits

Because EditShare has a rules-driven workflow, there was never a worry about accidental overwrites or deletions, and EditShare’s efficient RAID5 configuration offered added protection against data loss due to disc failures. EditShare does not have seat licensing, offering maximum flexibility to adapt to manpower needs for major event coverage. The collaborative editing needs were easily met, allowing TV3 to deliver championship coverage regardless of the rugby team’s final fate. In the quarter finals, the New Zealand team suffered a crushing and unexpected defeat by France, but TV3 and continued its stellar coverage using the EditShare right thru the wrap-up reports on South Africa’s title win. “The EditShare system was a great solution to TV3’s editing requirements for the 2007 Rugby World. The system met our need for flexibility, reliability and ease of use and the support from AV Intelligence was excellent.”


  • 1 x 3RU – Rack Mount EditShare with 16 hard disc drives totalling 4 TB of RAID-5 configuration on 1 Gigabit Ethernet network
  • Mix of 6 Avid editing units including Media Composers, Media Composer Adrenalines and Xpress Pro Mojo