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Since 2003 EditShare’s media storage, content management and file-based workflow solutions have increased productivity and collaboration across leading broadcast and media enterprises around the globe. Every day our solutions and services are relied upon to create and deliver content for television, film and web.

As part of educating the market on how our solutions are deployed, EditShare is committed to working within education with our academia partnership program. Alongside a discounted purchasing scheme we provide resources and knowledge as part of adding more value and focus within education.

Education with EditShare Shared Storage

EditShare Value in Education

With our expertise in a broad range of media infrastructure, techniques and workflows, EditShare has a team of specialist engineers and partners that are available for industry focused education programs. Working with your team we can identify value-add content that provide students real-world experience of current or forthcoming workflows and technologies. This content can be tailored for different levels of ability and the balance between technical versus practical can be managed accordingly.

We know that students need an understanding of the diverse technology to be found once they leave education, as any media discipline requires multiple systems from a variety of vendors to be effective. EditShare has strong partnerships with many 3rd parties from camera manufacturers to industry editors, so we provide different initiatives with integrated systems to provide content with the right fit for your curriculum needs.

As an academia partner our aim is to not burden you with a confined set of qualifying regulations and additional costs. Our role is to enrich the experience of your team and students with a program of complementary content from a manufacturer that is recognised by the industry.

EAP Programs include:

Industry Technology
& Workflows



For more information, please download the brochure: US Letter or A4 or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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