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Sectors of the Media Industry

EditShare understands that the pace of change within the Media and entertainment industry is rapid, requiring universities and colleges to adapt quickly to the ever changing landscape. In order to equip students with real life practical knowledge of how to operate in a fast paced production or newsroom environment, universities are building production pipelines that simulate real life production workflows. EditShare offers a vast array of tools to help students gain the practical knowledge they need in order to enhance their career opportunities within the media and entertainment industry.

Education workflow with EditShare Shared Storage

Academic areas of interest

  • Sports: Multi camera Ingest, logging, analysis, integration with specialist applications, editing and playback

  • Film and TV Production: Capture, media management, logging, editing, audio finishing and grading, delivery

  • News and Journalism: Capture, package production, TV and photo journalism, newsroom integration and playout

  • VFX, Animation and Game Design: High data rate file per frame workflows, platform and software agnostic

  • Music and Audio: Recording, mixing and editing, radio, mastering content

  • Broadcast TV and Facilities: Media management, studio operations, Data Wrangling, transcoding, archive and restore

  • Performing Arts: Recording, video and audio editing and finishing, delivery

  • Remote Access: On-line and Proxy workflows. 24/7 operation on campus and further afield

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