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IBC 2018 is shaping up to be a great show for EditShare. Our EFS video storage platform is going from strength to strength as more facilities around the world adopt its ultra-efficient architecture: blazing speed balanced with key security measures. And we’ve been making the best real-time video storage better. At IBC we’ll be showing several great new features, including fine-grain ACL controls and a powerful File Auditing suite to track your media throughout its lifespan. Plus we’ll be demoing the all new software-defined edition of Flow MAM and the brilliant QScan Automated QC, now shipping with IMF package testing … and plenty more!

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EditShare XStream EFS

IABM BaM Awards 2018 - EditShare Finalist

Intelligent scale-out storage for mission critical production pipelines

Award-winning single node EFS 200 & 300 and class-leading multi-node 450

EditShare XStream EFS Intelligent Storage
‘Best of Show’ Award for XStream EFS - 2014 ‘Best of Show’ Award for XStream EFS - 2015 EditShare, EndemolShine Germany and MoovIT win ‘IBC Innovation Award’ for collaboration using XStream EFS and Flow MAM - 2016 ‘Best of Show’ Award for Single Node EFS - 2017 IAMB Design and Innovation award for best storage product - 2017 ‘Best of Show’ Award for best storage product - 2017

The EditShare File System (EFS) has been engineered to eliminate bottlenecks. The XStream EFS storage family of products are ‘media optimised’ for superior performance in every area. Designed to work effortlessly, offering smooth collaboration with all leading creative editing/compositing and grading solutions, EFS features native drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, mitigating performance degradation compared to standard IT transactional hardware that leverages sharing protocols like SMB or NFS.

EFS provides producers with a unified and tailored media storage environment that incorporates nearline, online and archive. A robust, high performance, distributed architecture that has no single point of failure and that will never degrade in performance. EFS does away with the burden faced by many facilities of transferring large quantities of data between storage silos. EFS eliminates unplanned downtime due to file system degradation and reduces maintenance efforts to a minimum.

In traditional IT workflows that involve reading and writing data, which is the majority of processes, the issue of latency is not typically a paramount concern. If a file takes a little longer to arrive, it’s not a major issue. However, the same cannot be said for media-intensive workflows. Bandwidth demanding formats such as HDR, 4K or 8K video require very fast read and write times, with consistent high bandwidth AND extremely low latency. This is where EFS steps in to alleviate these issues.

Scalable to meet your needs. It’s ready when you are

While the XStream EFS 450 solution offers ‘enterprise-class’ performance for top-tier facilities, the newly introduced and multi award-winning 200 and 300 standalone solutions offer a cost-effective means to add EFS scale-out efficiencies to your storage infrastructure, enabling you to expand capabilities to meet workflow demands in the future. Engineered specifically for media workflows, EFS file system enables a facility to grow above and beyond 5 petabytes in a single namespace all whilst maintaining colossal bandwidth for multi-stream 4K files. No data movement between storage silos that burden many facilities, a distributed file system that carries across nearline, online and archive storage, with no single point of failure. It’s a unified and tailored media storage optimised environment designed to ease your production workflow.

At IBC 2018 EditShare will be demonstrating the industry-leading performance of the XStream EFS range, with focus on the exciting new features not found in competing products:

EditShare File Auditing - Now Shipping

Mitigate against security breaches in your facility

National Technology Awards 2018 - EditShare Shortlisted EditShare Shared XStream EFS File Auditing

Now available to every EFS user, File auditing introduces a new way of balancing security with creativity by enforcing accountability in order to secure your content against data theft. EditShare’s highly anticipated storage auditing capabilities - available for all single node and enterprise-class XStream EFS platforms - are realised through a comprehensive Auditing Dashboard. This intuitive UI will provide system administrators with a high-level view of all actions across the EFS storage pool, historic and real-time, right down to individual user and file level. The operator will be able to pinpoint who carried out an action, what files or directories were affected, and exactly when that took place.

Unlike other auditing approaches, EFS auditing does not impact real-time operations or system performance. EditShare XStream EFS auditing data is easily exported to third parties and other auditing applications. Fully compliant and aligned with MPAA and EBU security guidelines, EFS auditing has you covered for your security audit.

New ACL Media Spaces

Fine grain control of user permissions

The new ACL Media Space feature satisfies organizations who prefer to manage storage via Access Control Lists instead of "read-only" or "read/write" rules that govern current EditShare EFS media spaces. ACL Spaces are managed in Finder and Windows Explorer extensions that are installed with the EditShare Connect client. Users with administrative permissions can modify ACL Space Permissions.

New Improved Space Utilization Reporting

Manage your space efficiently

EditShare has revamped the way it reports used and free space on its EFS systems. Managing storage resources can be challenging: In daily operations, EFS administrators can choose between several different file protection schemes, each requiring different amounts of storage capacity overhead. Calculating how much physical disk space is being used by a set of files and reporting remaining capacity can require some tedious mental gymnastics. The new reporting package dramatically simplifies the situation.

Flow MAM - evolved

The industry’s most comprehensive platform for media management and automated workflows for near-line, online and cloud storage.

EditShare Flow MAM

At IBC 2017, we announced our plan to develop Flow as a storage-independent, software-defined platform. The EditShare team have made great strides, reworking the original codebase, adding capabilities and streamlining the user experience. The 100 day public Beta program - currently running - is providing a great deal of positive feedback and useful insight from clients using it with multiple vendor storage solutions. At IBC 2018 the public Beta program will reach completion and every facility will be able to take advantage of Flow’s powerful media management and workflow automation tools.

Now available to integrate with non-EditShare storage environments, the latest iteration of Flow has been completely re-engineered for non-EditShare storage environments such as Avid NEXIS, StorageDNA and Amazon S3. As a fully software-defined MAM platform, Flow will maximize the value of customers’ existing storage infrastructure by adding an intelligent media management layer that can manage millions of assets across multiple storage tiers in different locations. Learn more

QScan AQC - Automated Quality Control

A new family of AQC solutions, welcome to EditShare Qscan

QScan - An EditShare Solution

Having recently announced AMWA compliance for AS-11 UK DPP, EditShare are taking this scalable and easily deployable AQC solution to the next level by announcing support for IMF package testing.

Come and see us at IBC to find out what our development teams have been up to over the last few months. Look out for some exciting news about the product and its options to suit all sizes of budget.

With major national and international broadcasters adopting more and more complex delivery specifications, the EditShare team is paving the way to easy compliance at the click of a button. If it’s CALM compliance or macro block errors, QScan AQC can tell you more about your content than you might imagine. Not many humans can read the KLV values of an MXF file. In fact, why would you waste money employing a human to do that kind of work? QScan AQC carries out this kind of repetitive task incredibly well, delivering an ROI measurable in days not years. Furthermore, QScan AQC is compatible with nearly every popular MAM solution, including total integration with EditShare’s powerful Flow suite. Come and get hands-on and learn how we are changing people’s views on the power and potential of QC-automation in modern media workflows. Learn all about IMF package testing, now available on all Qscan products.

XStream EFS 40NL - nearline parking storage

The perfect partner for your online storage

EFS Shared Storage - XStream EFS 40NL

One of the most important additions to the EFS family - the XStream EFS 40NL. It’s a storage node that’s intended for “parking” media that still needs to be accessible almost instantly, but which doesn’t need the extreme speed called for in the middle of a production workflow. It’s the ideal product to save material you know you’re going to need soon - but not right now. And because of this, it costs significantly less than production-speed storage. And yet it still has all the robustness and reliability of EFS - and it’s completely scalable.

Solutions for disaster recovery in major productions have become the norm. The requirement to back up your content to safeguard against incident is now as commonplace as archiving content. The 40NL began shipping in Q3 of 2017 and has proved to be something of a revelation - we have gone on to ship hundreds of petabytes of disaster recovery and parking storage around the globe. Get to see it in action at IBC 2018.

Geevs - next-generation ingest and playout servers

Having recently received a major facelift, Geevs next-generation systems arrive at IBC serving up a serious performance boost. There's more power in the new slimline server, offering increased bandwidth with 10Gb connections, more horsepower with a new multi-threaded CPU, hardware RAID as standard, more ram and increased storage options. Furthermore, Geevs can connect directly up to Flow for Baseband, ideal for sports, PCR (production control room) and Reality TV programming. Available in multiple configurations with to up 4 ingest and 4 playout ports, Geevs is ideal for facilities looking for a rock-solid reliable video server. New features include tighter integration with codec support for Adobe Premiere Pro editors.

EditShare Geevs