Management - Conrad Clemson

Conrad Clemson

CEO EditShare

Conrad Clemson joins EditShare as its new CEO. Conrad has a proven track record of helping small and large companies to succeed and grow. Throughout his career, Conrad has developed and executed a variety of successful product and solution strategies, with an emphasis on leading technology offerings. He is a seasoned Video and Media Executive with over 20 years of experience.

For 7 years Conrad held various senior leadership roles at Cisco Systems. During his time there, he led Cisco’s Service Provider Video, Mobility and Cloud organizations. Conrad managed a global team of engineers, architects, product line managers, technical marketing engineers, and business development managers.

Before joining Cisco, Conrad was the CEO of BNI Video, a startup which developed two major products that offer video back-office and content delivery network (CDN) analytic capabilities for Service Providers. He earlier served as Senior Director of Engineering at Motorola; Senior Vice President of Technical Operations at Broadbus; Executive Vice President and Vice President of Engineering at Gotham Networks; and VP of Engineering at Lucent Technologies.

Management - Andy Liebman

Andy Liebman

Co Founder - Chief Strategy Officer

Andy Liebman is an acclaimed editor and director with many credits, including documentaries for the Discovery Channel, PBS and many more. His ground-breaking documentary work covers history, science, nature and the human condition, and saw him regularly work with some of the industry’s brightest talents.

In 2003 he founded EditShare in response to a particular problem faced while working on a project for the Discovery Channel. The innovative shared-storage solution he developed allowed multiple editors to collaborate on the same project, providing an affordable and more efficient alternative to the prohibitively expensive solutions available at the time.

Since then EditShare has expanded its product portfolio with a suite of highly acclaimed workflow tools developed to fix many of the problems found in today's demanding media and entertainment market. Andy remains at the heart of the company, focusing on strategy and ensuring that EditShare continues to nurture a culture of innovation, bringing exciting new products to the industry and expanding its offering to a global market.

Management - Tara Montford

Tara Montford

Co Founder- Executive Vice President Business Development

Tara is an entrepreneur with a wide range of sales and product development experience in the digital media sector. His previous roles include Sales Director for a well-known UK company and has built up excellent working relationships with other key vendors including HP, Cisco, Arista, Apple, Adobe, Avid and Matrox.

Tara was a forward thinker in EditShare’s growth strategy and instrumental in the company's rapid development across the regions, opening up and overseeing both the EMEA and APAC markets for the company. Tara led the strategic acquisition of many of the companies now included in the EditShare portfolio, including Lightworks, Geevs and QScan and he continues to assist the team with future product roadmaps.

Tara has built up the company’s reseller and distribution network across the regions, enjoying and maintaining an excellent close working relationship with the company’s channel partners and is instrumental in the marketing and branding efforts of the company.