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NAB 2019: The fast pace of change

Doesn't time go by so quickly? Just look at how the Media and Entertainment landscape has changed. Five years ago, a standard configuration for our Ultra storage platform was 8TB, with cloud storage only a blurry vision in the distance. Today we are heading for the storage stratosphere with installs routinely hitting 1PB and beyond. The exponential increase of file size and quantity, together with the ever-expanding variety of formats and hi-res codecs, has made high-performance media engineered storage essential. Security has leapfrogged many other industry concerns to arrive at the top of the list: now a prerequisite for doing business in post-production pipelines. Global delivery formats, a long-time fantasy for many organisations, will become a reality in 2019 with the broader adoption of the industry-changing IMF. Increases in internet speed and improvements in file-sharing technologies have continued to dissolve distance, making remote collaboration a viable option. Production teams are becoming truly global as facilities in London, LA and Hong Kong share collective project workflows. Pipedreams of the past are the realities of today. EditShare not only embraces the future but has been playing a key role in defining it!

EditShare EFS

Scale-out intelligent media storage

EditShare XStream EFS Intelligent Storage EditShare Awards

Embracing the future

EditShare’s EFS file system is designed for mission-critical media and entertainment workflows. It’s the fastest media file system on the planet. Recent testing proved that a 15-node 1.5 PB EFS system based on commodity enterprise-class SATA HDDs is capable of delivering a constant 15 GB/sec of concurrent XAVC 4K streams. Infinite scalability enables clients to aggressively grow while continuing to enjoy unparalleled throughput performance, meaning your creative applications never have to wait for their media to arrive. Coffee breaks are now optional!

Meet your storage needs, effortlessly

The distributed parallel file system that's gaining worldwide adoption from the M&E community is now in place at diverse facilities – from TV stations to creative post studios to film houses, airline designers and rocket propulsion agencies. If it’s a digital media file, EFS will host it, handle it and secure it.

Shaping the future of M&E Security

Storing and serving all this media is one piece in the puzzle, but what about security? Security shouldn’t be an afterthought. The media and entertainment industry is dealing with high stakes with enormous production budgets designed to produce breathtaking content. With thousands of jobs on the line, content needs to be delivered to a cinema or an OTT provider, making sure it has not slipped into the dark web during any phase of the production. Vendors who are diligent about data protection understand the importance of making security a priority throughout the development cycle of their products.

The EditShare research and development team is light years ahead of the industry with the introduction of EFS Auditing, the industry’s only real-time auditing platform designed to manage, monitor and secure your media from inception through to delivery stage. EFS Auditing keeps track of all digital assets and captures every digital footstep that a file takes throughout its life-cycle, including copying, modifying and deleting of any content within a project. IABM, the International Association for Broadcast & Media Technology Suppliers, recognised EFS Auditing as a game changer in storage content security, awarding it the coveted ‘Best Storage’ product of 2018 at the IABM BaM awards in September 2018. And this year at the NAB conference, EditShare will be chairing a talk on “Security: Table Stakes for Doing Business Today” on Wednesday the 10th of April.

EditShare Shared XStream EFS File Auditing

The smoothest workflow, made possible

Eliminating the bottlenecks of standard IT network protocols such as SMB and AFP, EditShare’s high-performance native EFS drivers for Windows, Mac and PC platforms, gives end users a 20% boost in speed compared to standard IT networking. EFS drivers are designed to deliver your video at lightning speeds and with our Intelligent SwiftRead system built in which is designed to manage data access contention, you’ll never have to worry about slowing down, ever. EditShare platforms offer unbeatable performance on day 1 and right throughout their lifespan.

Performance is just part of the story

You will hear lots of people talking about the need for continuous high-performance speed, a field in which our media storage is unrivalled. But that's just one side of what EFS offers. Since the company’s founding 15 years ago, EditShare’s ethos has focussed on the importance of openness and creative collaboration. We aim to provide facilities with a rock-solid platform on which to build, while providing the flexibility to work with every NLE, every sound mixing or VFX program along with every operating system. We keep that promise today, by delivering to you unmatched project and media sharing capabilities for all your leading creative solutions, whether editing, compositing, finishing or grading. We deliver on this promise.

The best tools, available to everyone

We all have big dreams, that’s why we don't just keep our EFS platforms for enterprise clients. EFS is available for creative boutiques that have visions of growing to become the next big thing. EFS single-node shared storage platforms are available at a price-point that enables small and emerging studios to migrate their workflow into a modern scale-out environment that can expand to meet their needs. With the single-node EFS systems we’ve made expansion very straightforward – simply add one or more new storage nodes and bandwidth increases with storage capacity. The approach allows facilities to get moving with a high-performance configuration that is best suited for the stage of their production and, more importantly, their budget.

Flow 2019

Media management at its finest

EditShare Flow MAM

Unified for 2019, we’ve combined the two revisions of Flow and made them become one. Introducing Flow 2019 release 3. This lightning pace of development sees us arrive at NAB 2019 with our third release of Flow in three months. Major performance improvements, UI improvement and a raft of new storage vendors added to the already long list of storage partners. Flow has embraced the cloud with new support for Azure, Google, S3, Wasabi, Backblaze and many more! Precision tools for remote editing, workflow tools for Automating repetitive tasks, private secure cloud collaboration with Airflow, native NLE integration with leading creative applications and finally the most cost-effective MAM solution on the market. Scale up and scale down when you need to.

Book a demo with the team at NAB and see why so many facilities are adopting Flow into their ecosystem.


The leading AQC platform for all - IMF, AS-11, PSE, Dolby Vision HDR

QScan - An EditShare Solution

EditShare QScan is a software application that enables content creators to test the integrity and quality of their media before final delivery and acceptance. QScan is suitable for any user who requires AQC workflows, from post facilities to broadcasters. Whether you’re delivering a global package, testing for audio loudness or checking for Photosensitive epilepsy, QScan’s macro templates allow you to pre-configure multiple checks on the same files The QScan family of Automated QC solutions is now available in three packages, each designed to fit any scale of operation and any budget. Each QScan product is fully endorsed and approved by the AMWA (Advanced Media Workflow Association).

QScan’s easy-use templating system makes complex configuration simple. The game-changing industry adopted IMF is covered throughout QScan, along with PSE, AS-11 templates and now announcing support for HDR and Dolby Vision HDR testing. The latest revision adds a bolt of lightning with up to a 30x speed increase when testing with files such as a JPEG 2000 file.

Come see QScan in action at NAB and learn from some of the leading AQC people on the planet.


Native Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects project management


HelmutFX is a resource-light background operator that manages the search and administrative processes for Adobe Premiere and After Effects project files. The tool supports designers and editors as they work collaboratively, thanks to a customisable program interface that sits in the editing and effects panel of their Adobe software. HelmutFX sorts, distributes and backs up edited/effects files automatically. Users can focus on their core creative tasks – whether they are part of a small production environment or a large-scale project with multiple participants dotted around the globe.

In contrast to the typical approach, where workflows are adapted to the software, HelmutFX actually adapts to your workflow. The core of the software has been deliberately designed with a series of predesigned functions that are used in every production environment. HelmutFX saves you hundreds of hours of dealing with content and removes the complexity of dealing and controlling large Adobe focused workgroups. Users benefit from automated file coordination and organisation Helmut integrates natively with Flow for MAM, QScan for QC’ing from within the Adobe timeline and EFS for all project storing of digital media.

Teradici & EditShare

Remote production control


EditShare and Teradici have joined forces to showcase remote production control from any location around the globe. This new solution combines the Teradici remote KVM IP solutions and EditShare remote platforms to enable creative professionals the ability to securely access and edit video content remotely with extreme low latency. Come see it on the booth.


Next-generation ingest and playout servers

Geevs is a professional reliable and robust ingest and playout video server designed for news, sports and reality TV programing. Available in multiple configurations, Geevs supports a broad range of SD and HD formats such as Prores, AVC-I and DNxHD and natively integrates with Flow, our Media asset management platform. With Geevs MC, clients can multichannel synchronise Ingest of up to 16 cameras with automatic incremental metadata such as episode, scene and take, perfect for reality TV programming. Geevs integrates with creative applications with the ability to generate real-time Avid, Adobe and FCP sequences or EDLs for collaboration with Post-Production.

EditShare Geevs

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