Join EditShare at NAB NY 2017 | Booth N133

Having come away with some notable awards from IBC 2017, NAB NY plans to be a truly exciting show for EditShare, showcasing our multiple award winning EFS products and workflow solutions. From our innovative and industry game changer EFS (EditShare File System) allowing you to start smaller but scale indefinitely, right through to Flow – bringing a new intelligent layer of Media Asset Management to any storage pool, EditShare will change the way you think about your workflow. We are already hard at work deeply integrating our recent acquisition Quales, the QC and file verification specialist company, workflow solutions will change forever. We will also showcase our upcoming and highly anticipated Storage Auditing dashboard for EFS, built for creative agencies needing full accountability when working with high value content. Book your personal NAB NY demo today.

EditShare XStream EFS scale-out intelligent storage solutions - New models: single-node EFS 200 & 300

Formidable distributed shared storage platforms for media professionals. Available for small to mid-tier platforms with the EFS 200 & 300 range and the enterprise-class 450, which is infinitely scalable to multiple petabytes. Combined with the robust administration panel, allowing users to collaboratively share projects and data with leading non-linear editing, audio and grading platforms. Offering breakthrough performance at an affordable price, EditShare EFS is the choice for all post production creative houses looking to invest in a next-generation intelligent shared stored platform.

EditShare Shared Storage - XStream EFS 200 & EFS 300

QUALES integrated QC (quality check) for media professionals

At some point during the post production process, nearly all film and TV shows require a Quality Control Check Procedure. A QC check will run through the content and make sure it adheres to stringent controls required for broadcast or subscription based online television platforms. For example, is there any audio dropout, compression artifacts or freeze frames in the video signals? The QC check will run through this process automatically and deliver a report, confirming the approval or rejection of the content. QUALES is now part of the EditShare product portfolio! Learn how we are changing people’s opinions on QC and showcasing integrated QC procedures into the Flow Eco system. Come and get hands on with QC.

EditShare Quales UI

Flow: Independent software defined media asset management platform

The Flow ecosystem is a powerful and integrated media asset management solution, that is now platform free and fully software defined! The forthcoming independent version of Flow will add a layer of intelligence to your existing storage pool. Search, find and retrieve those valuable assets quickly and efficiently! Drag clips from the browser directly to your favourite non-linear editor, whether it's Adobe Premiere, Media composer, FCP or Lightworks. Flow's powerful layers of modules, allow users to completely customise their workflow, offering improved efficiencies and increased throughput all at a price performance breakthrough. From integrated modules like Flow Story, right through to Flow Automation, come see how EditShare is revolutionising the media asset management market with its platform-agnostic media asset management solution... Participate in the first US public viewing of the new independent Flow at NAB NY 2017!

EditShare Flow Logo

EditShare EFS 40 NL nearline cost-optimized parking storage for media environments

The EFS range from EditShare is an enterprise-grade, fully redundant storage system that’s optimised from the ground up for working with media files. It’s fast, completely scalable and virtually immune to data loss through hardware failure. EditShare does the hard stuff under the hood so that creative people can get on with their job, without worrying about data safety, formats or even technical quality control. Now there’s an important new addition to the EFS family: XStream EFS 40NL. It’s a storage node that’s intended for “parking” media that still needs to be accessible almost instantly, but which doesn’t need the extreme speed called for in the middle of a production workflow. It’s the ideal product to save material you know you’re going to need soon - but not right now. And because of this, it’s costs significantly less than production-speed storage. And yet it still has all the robustness and reliability of EFS - and it’s completely scalable.

EFS Shared Storage - XStream EFS 40NL

Geevs next-generation ingest and playout servers

Geevs next-generation systems arrive to IBC serving up a serious performance boost. We have packed more power into the new slimline server, offering increased bandwidth with 10Gb connections, more horsepower with a new multi-threaded CPU, hardware RAID as standard, more ram and increased storage options. Furthermore, Geevs can connect directly up to Flow for Baseband, ideal for sports, PCR (production control room) and Reality TV programming.

EditShare Geevs