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EditShare - Making Waves

Pioneering development in the media and entertainment industry takes foresight, inspiration and courage. There are many who follow the trends, investing only in the market’s established technologies, and then there are companies that encourage a culture of innovation, driving change towards greater productivity and agility. In the choppy waters of the media and entertainment industry there are companies who only ride the waves. EditShare makes the waves.

EditShare’s progressive spirit has resulted in many development milestones in a short timeframe: the first to develop a non-Avid shared storage platform, the first media-engineered NAS platform, the first to support multiple creative platforms together, the first to deliver a MAM solution within the storage, and most recently the first to deliver enterprise-class file auditing for media storage. The tide of change from within the industry is not just one wave, but a set of waves that continue to roll in and disturb the status quo. At NAB Show New York, we will showcase our range of smart workflow tools offering great new capabilities across the vertical markets of the entertainment industry, including sports, live production, news and post production. Book a meeting with one of the team to learn more.

Here is a highlight of what's at the show:

Embracing The Future: EFS 2020

Extracting complexity from your workflow | Improving security and bridging collaboration | The fastest most secure platform in the Media and Entertainment Industry

EditShare XStream EFS Intelligent Storage EditShare Awards

EFS file system: Meet your storage needs, effortlessly

EditShare’s File System - EFS - is designed for mission-critical media and entertainment workflows. Delivering efficiency, speed and security at every step, EFS is the fastest media file system on the planet. Recent testing proved that a 15-node 1.5 PB EFS system based on commodity enterprise-class SATA HDDs is capable of delivering a constant 15 GB/sec of concurrent XAVC 4K streams. Extreme scalability enables clients to aggressively expand while continuing to enjoy unparalleled throughput performance, meaning your creative applications never have to wait for incoming media. Coffee-breaks are no longer dictated by workflow bottlenecks!

EFS distributed parallel file system is rapidly gaining worldwide adoption from the M&E community and is now central to operations at a wide range of facilities from TV stations to creative post studios to film houses, airline designers and rocket propulsion agencies. If it’s a digital media file, EFS will host it, handle it and secure it.

While the current EFS offers blazing performance, the forthcoming release EFS 2020 will take that even further - clients can expect to see up to 20% speed improvement. There’s so much more, make sure you book a meeting to see everything we can’t say right here!

EFS File Auditing: Shaping the Future of M&E Security

Storing and managing media are key pieces in the puzzle, but what about security? Safeguarding the integrity of your storage environment shouldn’t be an afterthought. The media and entertainment industry is dealing with high stakes, with enormous budgets committed to generating content. Vendors who are diligent about data protection understand the importance of making security a top priority. With thousands of jobs on the line, vigilance is required at every step. Content needs to be accounted for throughout production and delivered intact to the customer or cinema or OTT provider, ensuring that nothing is damaged or stolen on route.

The EditShare research and development team is light years ahead of the industry with the introduction of EFS Auditing, the industry’s only real-time auditing platform designed to manage, monitor and secure your media from inception through to the delivery stage. EFS Auditing keeps track of all digital assets and captures every digital footstep that a file makes throughout its life-cycle, including copying, modifying and deleting of any content within a project. IABM, the International Association for Broadcast & Media Technology Suppliers, recognized EFS Auditing as a game-changer in storage content security, awarding it the coveted ‘Best Storage’ product of 2018 at the IABM BaM Awards in September 2018 and also a Product Innovation Award at this year’s NAB 2019. EFS 2020 also recently took home the TVB Europe ‘Best of Show’ award at IBC 2019.

EditShare Shared XStream EFS File Auditing

Superior performance: Media-optimized architecture & drivers

Eliminating the bottlenecks of standard IT network protocols such as SMB and AFP, EditShare’s sophisticated architecture and high-performance native EFS drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms give end users a major speed advantage over standard IT storage and networking. Simply put, EFS drivers deliver your video at lightning speeds. And with our Intelligent SwiftRead system built in to manage data access contention, you’ll never have to worry about slowing down, ever. EditShare platforms offer unbeatable performance from day one.

Speed is just part of the story: Creative Collaboration

Real world performance consistently proves that we are the best in the business, offering more stream counts per node than anyone else. But that's just one aspect of what EFS offers. Since the company’s founding 15 years ago, EditShare’s ethos has been built on the importance of collaboration in the creative workflow. Our solutions are built with openness in mind. We aim to provide facilities with a rock-solid foundation on which to build, while providing the flexibility to work with every NLE, every sound mixing or VFX program along with every operating system. EditShare promises unmatched project and media sharing capabilities for all your leading creative solutions, whether editing, compositing, finishing or grading. We deliver on this promise.

Single Node to Enterprise: The best tools for everyone

We all have big dreams, that’s why we don't keep our EFS technology purely for enterprise clients. EFS single-node shared storage platforms are available at a price-point that enables small and emerging studios to easily migrate from simple workflows towards a large multi-party environment, scaling-out to meet their needs. With the single-node EFS systems we’ve made expansion very straightforward – simply add one or more new storage nodes and bandwidth increases with storage capacity. The approach allows facilities to get moving with a high-performance configuration that is best suited for the stage of their production and, more importantly, their budget.

Flow 2020

A powerful MAM with an Emmy winning cloud editor, integrated Automation, MOS newsroom connection and AI all whilst managing millions of assets located anywhere | Media management at its finest

Flow | News
Flow | AI
Flow | Story
Flow | Browse
Flow | Ingest
Flow | Logger
Flow | Automation

News integration with NCRS platforms
Real time audio transcription services through machine learning
Emmy award winning 4K precision editor
The fastest way to search and retrieve any digital asset
Multi-channel 4K ingest files and video
A powerful logging solution for reality TV and sports
A powerful workflow node-based automation platform
Turn your on premise storage into your own private cloud

EditShare Flow MAM

A Media Asset Management system acts as the digital glue of a facility. It needs to be performant, robust and future-proof. Different clients need different tools, such as remote editing, logging module widely used in reality TV, newsroom integration and AI tools. In the past, this would require mixing tools from different vendors. At NAB Show New York we will demonstrate the new, unified Flow 2020 - our fourth major release of Flow this year! Major performance improvements, UI improvement and a raft of new storage platforms added to the already long list of partners. Flow has embraced the cloud with new support for Azure, Google, S3, Wasabi, Backblaze and many more! Flow Story remote editor gets an update adding powerful and precision cutting tools, plus workflow tools for Automating repetitive tasks, private secure cloud collaboration with Airflow, native NLE integration with leading creative applications and finally the most cost-effective MAM solution on the market. Scale up and scale down when you need to.

Flow | News
We’ve added MOS integration for news environments, bridging the gap between MAM and newsroom systems. Make sure you see our workflow examples on the show floor, all connected up to an NCRS platform.

Flow | AI
Flow AI Analysis works with an audio/video file, scanning the audio to generate a text transcript that’s accurate to the millisecond. Flow’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology can be used in media monitoring for setting live triggers on chosen keywords. It is also used to transform audio recordings into searchable transcriptions, allowing a journalist or content producer to find specific references, quickly and easily. It can even be used to form real-time and pre-recorded subtitling for use in broadcast scenarios. Through Flow, a facility can produce accurate metadata for topic extraction, enable that topic to be indexed and make it available future discoverability.

QScan 3.5

Demystifying media compliance: The leading file-based automated quality control platform for all - now with Comparative Analysis technology! | IMF, AS11, Dolby Vision HDR, PSE analysis and Single Pass Analysis are all included

QScan - An EditShare Solution

EditShare QScan 3.5 is a scalable software application that enables content creators, distributors and broadcasters to test the integrity and quality of content at any point in a workflow. This can be at ingest, during an edit, or during final preparation for delivery and acceptance. QScan is suitable for any scale of operation, from boutique post facilities checking their Dolby Vision HDR metadata, to broadcasters confirming that files match strict delivery criteria, including complex formats like IMF and AS-11 UK DPP. Whether you’re delivering a global package, testing for audio loudness or checking material for photosensitive epilepsy issues, QScan’s built-in templates greatly simplify the process. Templates can be duplicated and modified. Multiple templates can be combined and logic applied to ranges of test parameters in macros. QScan offers a degree of test analysis intelligence not available with any other solution of this type.

QScan is now making it easier and quicker than ever to analyze all your digital files. The new Quick Analysis option enables the user to start an analysis just by selecting a pre-designed template, and selecting a file (or multiple files). There’s no longer a need to first create a new project, although that option still exists. Once the user selects a template and file(s), a new "Quick Analysis project" will be created. The project will take its name from the selected template.

The process of testing files is one thing, but understanding the results is perhaps more vital. This is why EditShare has developed the most intuitive interface for IMF on the market today: an interactive tree-based view shows users exactly where any problems exist within the context of the entire IMF 'bundle'. QScan's powerful Single Pass Analysis technology also makes it easy for users to address any issues without the need to constantly re-run time-consuming analysis.

This year at NAB Show New York, we are showcasing Comparative Analysis for QScan, which goes a long way to help those working with versioning and Insert Edits for deliverable content. As the name implies, this new feature allows users to compare measurements of files - whether different files or different versions of the same file, for example prepped for different delivery formats - DVD vs broadcast vs online.

The QScan family of Automated QC solutions is now available in three packages, each designed to fit any scale of operation and any budget. Each QScan product is fully endorsed and approved by the AMWA (Advanced Media Workflow Association). See it in action, live on the stand.


The easiest way to control and deploy Adobe enterprise environments


Helmut is a suite of solutions designed to address the complexity of managing users and assets within the Adobe creative environment. The Helmut family consists of four products:


  • Handles the projects, preferences, profiles and settings of the user based on groups.
  • Can be used with Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition.
  • Attaches third party systems and can be extended in functionality via the Stream engine (node-based workflow builder).


  • Grid computing management based on Adobe Media Encoder.
  • Handles Ingest and Export of Clips (Import), Social Media Links (Import), Sequences (Export), Compositions (Export). Controls render nodes based on AME.
  • Attaches third party systems and can be extended in functionality via the Stream engine.
  • Can be used with Premiere Pro and After Effects now, with Audition coming soon.

HelmutCO (Cosmo):

  • Handles Project-related assets and indexes complete Adobe projects.
    • Lists Assets including paths and metadata, Folder structures and sequences, using a web-based interface.
  • It includes a web-managed ingest tool, to ingest clips via HelmutIO and create projects via HelmutFX, all through one interface accessible from any location.
    • With a single click, clips can be ingested directly into Premiere Pro and third party systems like Flow.
  • It is a database that synchronize Adobe projects across users, and with third party system like Flow.
    • Actions can be executed on clips by using the Helmut family of products. Third party systems can be attached, and functionality extended.

HelmutHK (Housekeeper):

  • Runs housekeeping jobs on Adobe projects and uses extract information coming from Cosmo.
    • Find project related assets and triggers workflows based on these assets.
  • Attaches third party systems and can be extended in functionality via the Stream engine.

Teradici & EditShare

Remote production control

Teradici & EditShare

EditShare and Teradici have joined forces to showcase remote production control from any location around the globe. This new solution combines the Teradici remote KVM IP solutions and EditShare remote platforms to enable creative professionals the ability to securely access and edit video content remotely with extreme low latency.


Next-generation ingest and playout servers

EditShare Geevs

Geevs is a professional reliable and robust ingest and playout video server designed for news, sports and reality TV programming. Available in multiple configurations, Geevs supports a broad range of SD and HD formats such as Prores, AVC-I and DNxHD and natively integrates with Flow, our Media asset management platform. With Geevs MC, clients can multichannel synchronise Ingest of up to 16 cameras with automatic incremental metadata such as episode, scene and take, perfect for reality TV programming. Geevs integrates with creative applications with the ability to generate real-time Avid, Adobe and FCP sequences or EDLs for collaboration with post-production.

VBox : Automation

‘Channel-in-a-Box’ Playout Automation Platform


EditShare’s VBox is a turnkey, compact playout solution designed to meet the needs and demands of modern broadcast centres, satellite operators and telcos. VBox is a next-generation ‘Channel-in-a-Box’ playout automation system that provides complete peace of mind to channel operators battling with the myriad IP playout codecs and HD and UHD formats. It’s a 4K video playout solution with built-in on-air graphics, a full remote playlist and transfer management in one easy to use, cost-effective compact server solution.

EditShare are now offering an entire end-to-end solution from ingest, right through to automation. Approved to work with EditShare’s smart workflow tools such as QScan AQC and Flow MAM, as well as EFS storage nodes for mission-critical playout. A versatile, purpose-built playout platform with the flexibility to meet the needs of every TV station.

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