ark disk

Scalable nearline storage for fast media transfers

EditShare Ark Disk is built on top of hard disks that are spinning all the time—offering the advantage of high-speed performance for backup, archiving, and restoration tasks. With Ark Disk, your nearline media is always just seconds away. Ark Disk systems can start as small as 32TB and scale up over time to more than 2 petabytes.

Ark Interface

Flow Integration

Ark Disk is fully integrated with EditShare's Flow production MAM platform that allows deeper control of assets and transfers. Whenever media files are sent to Ark Disk, a proxy file automatically gets created so that later on you can view what's on your Ark Disk in Flow Browse. When you restore from Ark Disk, you can either select the exact files – or parts of files – you want to restore using the Flow Browse interface, or you can restore entire EditShare Spaces. If restoring a partial file it can be kept in the original codec without any degradation of quality, or transcode to a different codec and wrapper. You can even search in Flow Browse based on any criteria (age of clips, name of project, etc) and remove any unwanted media files from Ark Disk.