Flow Logger is a purpose-built application designed specifically for quick and easy one click logging. Whether you're producing sports events or reality shows – or even logging documentary footage – Logger lets you design simple templates with standardized categories, keywords, names and pictures of key characters or players. As the action unfolds, you simply click on the words and pictures that describe what's going on to effortlessly produce a detailed log.

Use Flow Logger to:

  • Create logs, mark specific time codes or create transcripts
  • Produce verbatim text logging using the intuitive interface
  • Build detailed logging with durations
  • Generate fast, single entry marking
  • Customise predefined text fields for markers
  • Create custom metadata and images for stress free logging


Feature highlights

Groups and Categories

Built from the same flexible metadata engine as Flow, Logger allows administrators to create groups that form predefined lists of players within teams, actors on set or any other person, team or object responsible for the action being logged. Alongside these groups types of actions can be added to category lists to log predefined actions.

This flexibility allows users to log actions involving more than one player e.g. both players involved in a foul during a soccer game.


Not all logging activities fit the same pattern, for example the same user or workstation may be used to log different events throughout the day. Consequently Flow Logger allows administrators to build predefined templates for specific events eg between two teams for a baseball game. Templates consist of collections of groups and categories for maximum flexibility.

Predefined metadata

For certain types of event it may be necessary to add metadata into the Flow database to make it easier to catalogue and find content at a later date, for example to filter out all the clips of crashes in a motor sport event. Custom metadata can be added by administrators to constrain the filters used.

Live feeds or proxy files

While Flow Logger is ideal for recording the details of live events, we also give you the option of loading up clips that have already been recorded – so you can leverage the simplicity of Flow Logger for all your logging needs. As Flow Logger and Flow Browse tie into the very same database, any metadata created in one application can also be seen in the other. With the single click of a mouse the user can change the type of content being logged. No configuration changes are need to switch between logging a live feed or an existing file. This means that events can be recording (to be logged later) while others are being logged as they come in.

Persistent metadata

Some events contain repetitive actions that need to be logged. When this happens a user can easily associate actions group members and categories in preparation for a repeated action.

Ganged clip metadata

The most obvious application for this is multi camera events and the need to log across multiple timelines. However, for reality shows and some sports events, where the action is more dynamic, users need the ability to selectively link and unlink which feed(s) they are logging. In ganged mode Flow Logger allows this simply by clicking the appropriate source in the preview window.