Launched at IBC 2016, Flow Story is the first in a new generation of content creation applications for collaborative and remote workflows.

RedShark Award - Best Editing Product - NAB 2016

With a heritage steeped in non-linear editing and end-to-end video workflows for broadcast and media, EditShare has utilised the engine of the award-winning Lightworks editor to create Flow Story, a powerful and intuitive editorial application. Unlike traditional NLEs, Flow Story provides remote and secure access to on-premise stored media directly through any internet connection. With full integration with EditShare storage, MAM and video server solutions, Flow Story is aimed at fast turnaround environments such as News and Sports providing journalists and production teams the ability to package content for finishing, delivery or playout. No extra fees or upload times for additional ‘cloud’ storage; just amazing content delivered in a fraction of the time, anywhere in the world.

Overview Video of Flow Story in Operation:

Feature highlights

Wide Format Support

Flow Story supports hundreds of formats, from professional broadcast codecs such as ProRes, DNxHD, AVC-Intra and XDCAM, through to 4K and beyond, such as RED R3D, XAVC, Cinema DNG and DPX. As well as working with low-resolution proxy files, you can import and export almost any format locally. You have the option to switch between hi-res or proxy media on the fly.

Voice Over

Adding a voice over to your timeline is easy. Simply select the position you want to start, and press record. Flow Story auto-detects and enables any connected audio input device. You can then have your voice-over (and any other local media) uploaded to your main site from any remote location.

Edit While Capture

Flow Story’s unique ‘Edit While Capture’ allows any format (including Long GOP) to be accessed during recording with EditShare Flow MAM or Geevs Ingest servers. This is ideal for fast turnaround environments such as Live Events and Sports highlights. Being able to access the live streams and add a voice over, along with a real time effects engine, Flow Story provides a full creative toolset to produce incredible content – fast!

Real time collaboration

When connected to any Editshare Flow Database, Flow Story has real time collaboration with other Flow users, such as Flow Browse and AirFlow. Projects, Clips, Sequences, Markers and Metadata are all updated and synchronised in real time, opening up endless possibilities for creative collaboration.

NLE Integration

Flow Story has a strong integrated workflow with other NLEs (and DAWs) such as Avid Media Composer®, Adobe Premiere®, Da Vinci Resolve® and Avid ProTools®. This enables Flow Story to be the perfect creative hub for anyone that needs to collaborate with editors. Through AAF and XML, Flow Story provides interchange files that can support round-trip workflows. Create a rough cut in Flow Story and open it in Avid. Changes made in Avid can then be viewed in Flow Story – from anywhere in the world. This feature enables new possibilities for workflows involving Review and Approval, or simply for quickly scaling up a post-production operation.

Work Offline

Flow Story is built with remote editing in mind. Whilst you only need a regular internet connection to access your content, clearly it is not always possible. Flow Story can work in a standalone mode – for accessing Flow projects that you have already been working on, or for working on local projects. Once your internet connection is re-established, any changes to your Flow Project will be synchronised, and you will also see any changes made by other users, giving you true flexibility to work wherever and whenever you need to.

Integrated Creative Resources

Need high quality video content to complete your project? Pond 5 provides the largest library of royalty-free HD and 4k stock video directly into Flow Story. Search for content, trial in the timeline including effects, and then simply purchase at the resolution you need. Watch the video

For audio inspiration browse the incredible selection of Audio Network music direct from within Flow Story. Stream MP3 audiofiles directly over your sequence, add search criteria that best suits your requirements then register or sign in to purchase directly. The full quality track is then downloaded and available within the project. Watch the video

Key features:

  • Fast and intuitive user interface
  • Proxy workflow for real time remote editing
  • Wide format support including 4K (hi-res and proxy)
  • Voice Over recording direct to timeline
  • Edit While Capture for any format, including XDCAM (with Flow Ingest)
  • Real time collaboration with other Flow users
  • Round trip support for Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere sequences
  • Support for multiple Flow Database connections
  • Review and Approval workflow
  • Advanced real time effects, including Colour, Titles and DVEs
  • Local Projects for full standalone operation