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Geevs Live provides On-air control of dual play channels with fast selection of rundown clips via user Keyboard or dedicated external Shot-box. Live integrates with third party vision mixers through GPI to trigger clip playback from mixer desk, plus it supports MOS protocol for newsroom integration with Rundowns and MOS Objects.

Geevs Live Sequence

Feature highlights

Geevs Live Sequence provides an intuitive interface for you to create and control playlists on up to four channels on a single server.

  • On-air control of two play channels with fast selection of clips via user GPI, Keyboard or Shot-box
  • Integrates with vision mixers through GPI
  • Supports MOS protocol for newsroom integration with Run Downs and MOS Objects
  • 3 Mode Clip control stops clip on last frame, first frame of next Clip or delay for X frames
  • Backup stored lists can be recalled

Clip view

Geevs Live Clip View

When selected in View, Clips Only, two windows open side by side. Each window represents a folder that you select. The windows display the MiniPic icons and database information for each clip in the folder. During operation, you can change which folder is displayed. Geevs Live dynamically updates any open folder views, reflecting changes made to the system database such as the addition of new clips to the server. You can also manually refresh the information.

Geevs Live View

Playlist view

Playlist view displays the playlist for each available server channel. Each list shows the clips assigned to the channel and includes the clip title, duration, and status. At the top of the list box, information for the currently cued clip is displayed.

When the clip plays, the duration counts down, providing you with visual feedback of the time remaining for the clip. This area also displays messages relating to the server channel status control buttons. You can display the Playlist view at the same time as the Clips. This view can be useful when you want to create a list.

Playlists can be created ahead of time using Geevs Live or Geevs Client, either by using MOS integration or on-the-fly in Geevs Live. You can control running a playlist using a mouse, keyboard, GPI or shotbox.

Timer View

This view is on a second monitor (optional) and provides large clocks for each channel that provide clip name duration countdown to help control room operations.

Geevs shotbox

Geevs Shotbox controller for fast 2 Channels control working with the Geevs Live client. The Shotbox provides dedicated buttons for fast operation in a Live environment, providing access to select cue and play clips.

Geevs Shotbox Controller

MOS integration

Geevs Live can be integrated into a MOS-based newsroom systems such as Avid iNews, ENPS, Octopus and others. The MOS rundown assigns clips automatically in sequence to the first and second channels. Saved updates to the MOS rundown provide automatic playlist loading and updates: the lists of the channels are rearranged automatically to reflect the changes.