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Geevs Sports - a new family of products offering a complete broadcast solution for sports coverage that includes Sports, a multi-channel server with an integrated Multiviewer and an efficient tactile Controller and Sports Assistant, a web-client for logging action during an event. Geevs Sports represents a cost-effective, value-added package that is ideal for broadcasters, outside broadcast companies (OBs), In-stadium television producers and elite training facilities.

Feature highlights

  • Multichannel synchronised ingest of up to four camera feeds, independent dual channel playout
  • Instant replay from any camera angle with dynamic slow motion control
  • Dedicated Sports controller
  • Create and edit playlists for highlights and packages
  • Project and Playlist Integration with Flow Browse for collaboration with Post-Production and NLEs
  • Web-based Sports Assistant application for fast logging of actions using pre-defined Markers and Subclips
  • Dedicated Multiviewer showing all angles and PVW/PGM outputs

Sports assistant

Our web-based client for logging events with predefined markers and subclips templates, makes it easy to set up predefined templates for all the different sporting events you need to manage . These user generated predefined Markers and Subclips can also be added with custom images. For ultimate flexibility Geevs Sports Assistant can be run on a iPad® or Android® tablet device.

geevs sports assistant


The Multiviewer displays all six channels (4 input / 2 output)on a single monitor. Each channel window displays the clip name, channel name, timecode, audio and transport status. Audio presence can be indicated with different colours for different states. Tally can also be applied to an individual channel window as a red border drawn around the edge of the channel window indicating that channel is 'On-Air'.

geevs multiviewer


The dedicated Sports server is a Multichannel 2RU HD Server with a configuration of four inputs and two outputs. It provides outstanding, smooth replay of highlights with variable forward and reverse speeds.

Sports controller

An agile and compact custom controller gives operators precise access to playlist functions with a minimum number of keystrokes. Faster playlist creation and instant replay of any clip from multiple angles.

geevs sports controller


Build playlists from individual angles, construct them faster and control the playout of current and cued clips.

Playlists can also be viewed and adjusted in EditShare's Flow asset management solution. Flow can also create playlists for Sports operators to playout.

geevs sports ui

Flow MAM integration

With integration between Flow and Sports assistants, you can quickly organize and edit clip lists in Flow Browse and prepare them for playback on-air in Sports.

Central storage capture and playback

Capture to and playback directly from central storage, where NLE editors and Flow users have access to both high-res and proxy files while the recording is in progress.