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Studio MC

Ideal for managing multi-camera productions, Studio MC provides multi-channel synchronised ingest of up to 16 cameras with automatic incremental metadata such as episode, scene and take. With instant review of all channel ISO’s in sync with NLE sequence replay, NLE edit sequences can be producer approved at production point saving time and money. Also Studio MC provides real-time generation of Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premier and FCP sequences or EDLs for collaboration with post-production NLEs, allowing for fast turnaround.

Studio MC features

Feature highlights

  • Multichannel synchronised Ingest of up to 16 cameras with automatic incremental metadata such as episode, scene and take.
  • Episode matched media spaces so clip be stored by episode
  • GPI / Vision Mixer support for edit sequence generation when capturing clips
  • Support for NLE marker metadata so dialogue and shot errors can be marked
  • Instant review of all angles and NLE edit sequence in sync
  • Real-time generation of Avid, Adobe and FCP sequences or EDLs for collaboration with Post-Production and NLEs using EditShare Flow MAM.
  • Real-time generation of proxy files.
  • Integration with Flow MAM Database.


Manage the recording by adding metadata such as episode scene, shot and take number, as well as adding production comments. Whilst capturing, customizable Markers can be added that readily identify the shots for use in post-production.

Capture with Geevs


In the Playback panel the customizable Markers placed during the record process are easily identifiable in playback. Forward and backward buttons allows you to step sequentially through the markers. Sequence Markers can be added, moved or deleted from the playback timeline window.

Playback in Geevs

Managing clips

The lower half of the interface provides a folder view showing the Geevs Studio MC clips with thumbnails and media spaces on the server. You save clips for each channel or input as individual files which, when loaded or viewed from within the Geevs Studio MC application, have a single 'group' name to identify them.

Geevs Studio MC can manage up to 16 capture channels (ISO). The Playback panel lets you load and replay Geevs Studio MC clips and the NLE edit sequence file. All recorded channels for a given clip name are loaded and played back in sync. The clip loads all available channels with any available clips in the set. The clip is ready to play back.