Streamline and enhance your Adobe project workflows

The Helmut suite of tools add a layer of intelligence to Adobe® production workflows where Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition are used. Helmut facilitates the management of projects, templates, preferences and profiles and improves control of project-related assets from ingest to export. Using a highly efficient node-based approach to workflow configuration called ‘Streams Engine’, Helmut removes complexity from critical back-office functions such as encoding, migration, render resource management and housekeeping. Seamlessly integrated with EditShare Flow media asset management, the Helmut and Flow north-bound API architecture offers a high degree of flexibility, enabling enterprise deployments to add automation efficiencies to unique creative workflows as well as redundant ‘under-the-hood’ technical processes.

The Helmut suite is comprised of four titles:



The HelmutFX software solution connects Premiere Pro and storage environments, simplifying production management and streamlining working processes. Adding a layer of control and automation, HelmutFX manages a broad range of administrative and organizational tasks, communicating with third-party systems (ingest, archive, backup, MAM, PAM, etc.) to reduce complexity and improve workflows, so editors have more time to focus on the creative aspects of production.



An innovative new rendering workflow developed for Adobe Media Encoder CC, HelmutIO manages rendering resources on the network, identifying idle and unused CPUs or servers and automatically exporting and assigning clips and sequences from Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects projects, freeing up valuable system time for productive creative work.


HelmutCO (Cosmo)NEW

Cosmo indexes projects including folder structures, metadata, assets, and sequences before making them available in a database. At the same time, this data is made available in a visually intuitive dashboard for creatives to easily identify and locate content. This companion database enables full synchronization between Premiere Pro projects and third-party systems without users needing to open Premiere Pro.


HelmutHK (Housekeeper)NEW

Housekeeper is directly connected to Cosmo, utilizing the extended metadata to delete, move, archive and manage projects and project-related assets. Tasks can be automated, performed manually or set to run at a specific time. HelmutHK can also distribute these tasks across HelmutIO’s render nodes in scenarios where both products are being used in tandem.