Production Management for Adobe Premiere Pro

HelmutFX software solution acts as a co-ordinator between Premiere Pro and your storage environment, simplifying production management and streamlining working processes. The toolset integrates elegantly to add a layer of control and automation, to assist with managing a broad range of administrative and organisational tasks. Modular in design, HelmutFX is able to communicate with all connected systems (ingest, archive, backup, MAM, PAM, etc.), enhancing workflows and removing complexity, providing editors with more freedom to focus on creative production.

Broadcasting organisations and production houses have recognised that this easy-to-install, user-friendly tool can help them to significantly streamline and optimise complex processes.

How is HelmutFX structured?

HelmutFX provides a one-program software solution for the management of all post-production processes, in a similar way to an ESB (enterprise service bus). Although its design is inherently simple, the tool is capable of supporting highly complex processes. The basic installation manages Premiere projects, user profiles and preferences. Modules extend that feature-set to integrate with specific hardware and software. Expansions and adaptations are available to fit a broad range of customer requirements and infrastructures (e.g. integration with Flow MAM). Access privileges can be assigned using an administration interface.

HelmutFX - User management

HelmutFX simplifies workflow management through a template-based approach. Power-users are able to define role-based project templates for specific users or departments. If the user is a cutter, for example, when they create a Premiere project, the functions and layouts they see will differ from those available to an editor.

Using the APIs of Premiere, After Effects or other products, it is possible to consolidate and centrally manage all integrated production processes with a single tool.

HelmutFX - Processes

HelmutFX manages a wide range of tasks in the background – including project assignment, settings, codecs, folder structures and track labelling. It also assigns formats for the sound and graphics departments. For example, if a cutter exports files to Pro Tools, the tool will translate commands accordingly to enable immediate further processing.

As a result, HelmutFX simplifies and accelerates search and administrative processes when editing project files. Program interfaces and settings are adapted to the specific needs of users and their workflows.

In detail

HelmutFX works in the background and manages search and administrative processes for Premiere project files. The tool supports cutters and editors as they work, thanks to a customisable program interface and personalised settings in the editing panel of their editing software.

HelmutFX sorts, distributes and backs up edited files automatically. Users can focus on their core tasks – whether they are part of a small production environment or a large-scale project with multiple participants across networks.

In contrast to the typical approach, where workflows are adapted to the software, the HelmutFX tool actually adapts to the workflow. The core of the software has been deliberately designed with a small number of functions that are used in every production environment. Expansion modules are available that allow the software to be adapted to customer-specific requirements. This approach creates maximum flexibility and secures the value of the original investment, as it is easy to incorporate changes to the workflow.


What do users need in order to use HelmutFX?

The program has a simple design and is easy to pick up and use, with no need for intensive training.

With this tool, the operator/user no longer needs to think about where projects should be located, where settings are saved, which codec they should use or where they should save files. By the same token, they no longer have to consider how projects should be structured, how tracks should be labelled, or which format the sound or graphics departments will receive.

Users benefit from automated file coordination and organisation. And thanks to a user-friendly interface tailored specifically to their requirements, users are free to concentrate on their core tasks.

Flow Module

The effectiveness of MAM / PAM systems is largely determined by maintenance standards. If structures and metadata are captured efficiently, the easier it is to find assets. The Flow module extends the existing functionality of HelmutFX to Flow MAM and enables automatic project creation, including folder structures and labels via the Flow API. The administrator defines the workflows and structures and assigns them to the structure on the storage as well as to the MAM and Premiere projects.

Every time a project is created in Premiere, HelmutFX automatically triggers the project creation in Flow, thereby ensuring that a uniform structure automatically exists at all levels (storage, MAM, NLE project). This applies to both the creation and the deletion of projects. Integration of HelmutFX and Flow also includes user profiles - all users created in Flow can be easily imported to HelmutFX.

Of course, it also applies that these workflows are freely configurable and can vary in terms of team and user.