'Channel-in-a-Box' Playout Automation

EditShare’s VBox is a turnkey, compact playout solution designed to meet the needs and demands of modern broadcast centres, satellite operators and telcos. VBox is a next generation ‘Channel-in-a-Box’ playout automation system that provides complete peace of mind to channel operators battling with the myriad IP playout codecs and HD and UHD formats. It’s a 4K video playout solution with built-in on-air graphics, a full remote playlist and transfer management in one easy to use, cost-effective compact server solution.

EditShare are now offering an entire end-to-end solution from ingest, right through to automation. Approved to work with EditShare’s smart workflow tools such as QScan AQC and Flow MAM, as well as EFS storage nodes for mission-critical playout. A versatile, purpose-built playout platform with the flexibility to meet the needs of every TV station.

Multi Channel Configuration

A range of options are available to match your configuration, needs and budget, whether you’re delivering SD, HD or UHD TV channels. You can choose from SDI up to 4K resolution, UDP, or ASI outputs and even combine different output options on a single server. Playout 4K supports all major broadcast video file containers and codecs.

World of IP Codecs

The latest generation of IP delivery formats are supported including NDI, RTSP, SRT and SMPTE 2110.

Time Delay

Time delay enables you to stage material for time-based delivery to your viewers. Perfect for stations that deliver content across multiple time zones.

Integrated Graphics Platform

Deliver your station’s idents and graphics automatically with the integrated graphics platform that comes included. The platform generates a range of live graphics, including lower thirds and tickers, to enable full channel branding, removing the need for a dedicated graphics operator. Integral use of XML for all metadata guarantees compatibility with any database or file system and enables the generation of automatic Program Guides and Now/Next graphics.

Play While Recording

The moment that recording starts, clips are available to play. Clients do not have to wait until the clip closes, enabling fast turnaround / rapid replay.

Multi-language On-screen Text

English, Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and more are supported.

Up/Down Conversion

For convenience and versatility, you can Mix HD and SD in your playlist and go on air. The system will scale or down convert the content on the fly.

Continuous Recording Whilst Editing

No more waiting for highlight packages. Go on air with fast turnaround of packages of the match or live event.

Advanced Cataloging

Manage your content ready for playout, select and drag and drop material on the fly. Everything you have will be at your fingertips.

PIP Effects Supported

Add specific looks to your content such as picture in picture effects.

Smart Flow Dashboard

Playout will be continuously monitored and automatic measures taken in case of problems arising.

Fault Tolerant Failover

Our world-class hardware is built on rock-solid foundations however, in the event of anything happening, the failover option ensures that you never lose continuous playout.

Feature-rich Options

The latest VBox solution provides a vast amount of network interface options, such as VDCP, AMP, RS422, GPI, as well as MOS Integration.

It’s all about workflow

Native Flow Media Asset Management Integration

Connecting the islands of a TV station is often difficult and getting files to air quickly can be troublesome. Flow alleviates the burden by acting as the station’s asset handler, enabling departments and team-members to talk, share, collaborate and deliver media to the playout scheduler. Station playout operatives can easily find media that is tagged for playout by searching within their local client. A low-resolution copy of the programming content is immediately available for approval. Once approved, the operative can pull the file directly into the scheduler playout list and the system instantly links it to the high-res material. With Flow’s powerful Automation module, users can set up simple or complex workflows, increasing efficiency by removing mundane or labour-intensive tasks for the station’s production and playout teams.

Scalable storage nodes

EFS - The World’s Premier Media Engineered Storage Platform

EditShare’s multi-award-winning EFS storage platforms are revered in the media and entertainment industry, enabling 1000’s of stations globally to operate in mission-critical environments by offering a super-fast, fault-tolerant platform that enables leading creative tools to collaborate effectively. The latest playout platform comes fully approved and licensed to run high-resolution media directly from EFS nodes, enabling files to get to air quicker. Files being moved directly from editorial programs, such as Avid’s Media Composer Ultimate, can be on air in a matter of seconds. The full suite of EFS platforms including EFS 200, 300 and enterprise-class 450 are approved to work with the playout automation platform.

VBox Model: VBoxHD
(IP Streaming)
(ST 2110)
Ingest / Playout Ports 2 in / 2 out n/a 1 in / 1 out 2 in / 2 out
UHD Support    
Scheduled Ingest Client
Full HD 1080i 50/59.94/60 Hz
SMPTE 2110      
NDITM Support
SRT Support
RTSP Support
H.264 Support
HD 720P 50/59.94/60 Hz
FULL HD Recording
SD Recording
Video scaling on the fly SD ↔ HD
Management of live events
Time Delay
Continuous Recording
Play while Recording
Subclip Support (Clipping)
Advanced Cataloging
Multilanguage on-screen text
Web Access and SDK (SOAP) interface Web Access and SDK (SOAP) interface SOAP integration available via third parties.
Integration with EditShare Flow MAM
Integration with Traffic Systems (XML)

Further information, including Controls, Platform, Video, Graphics and Codecs, can be found in the VBox Datasheet.