Preparing students for 'real world' production

EditShare helps students all over the globe prepare themselves for the fast-paced collaborative media production environment. Our range of storage and administration features also help educators to better manage their workload, thanks to EditShare’s EFS scale-out shared storage solutions.

EditShare's intelligent storage is designed exclusively to work in the media and entertainment space. Whether the students are learning desktop publishing, journalism - right through to media production and communications, EditShare helps administer all these tricky and complex procedures when dealing with valuable assets, media and coursework.

Education with EditShare Shared Storage

What is EditShare shared storage?

Shared storage allows students to collaborate and save all their media together into a single location giving you greater management and control over the content. EditShare Media Space allows students to login from any editing workstation on the campus network, ensuring a more efficient use of equipment resources, while our innovative project sharing features let instructors and students review work together.

Students can work away, for example, on the Adobe Creative Suite bundle and save all their projects and assets securely on the shared storage platform. Instructors can review their work from any location and offer student feedback. This removes the risk of using third-party USB drives, keyrings etc. which can introduce viruses to the network. By using a central storage platform, media is centrally located, stored and secured.

Education with EditShare Shared Storage

Can I use EditShare shared storage within my current workspace?

We understand that different colleges and universities use different editing platforms, that's why we are proud to say that EditShare is platform agnostic, meaning we work seamlessly with industry-standard third-party platforms, including Apple, Adobe and Avid, as well as our own Emmy award-winning Hollywood blockbuster editing platform, Lightworks, the world's first Windows, Mac and Linux editing platform. Available free from

The diagram below shows a typical configuration using EditShare and third-party products working together to create a solid, reliable and flexible workspace.

Education workflow with EditShare Shared Storage

EditShare On Campus

Find out more about how EditShare are providing media storage, content management and file-based workflow solutions to universities in order to build industry-standard, production pipelines that mirror real-life production workflows, including seamless integration with third party vendors. Using these solutions, students gain the hands-on, practical knowledge they need in order to enhance their career opportunities within the media and entertainment industry.

Learn more in EditShare Case Studies

Tomorrow's media professionals are honing their workflow skills on EditShare equipment, today.

EditShare and Sunderland University
Sunderland University, UK
A combination of state-of-the-art tools and EditShare’s collaborative workflow strengthens Sunderland University’s strong ties with many professional broadcast and postproduction organisations who provide job opportunities to the students.
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EditShare and Oregon State University
Oregon State University, USA
Oregon State University recently implemented an end-to-end EditShare tapeless workflow solution to facilitate media production and sharing across its Media Services, Intercollegiate Athletics, Orange Media Network and Outreach and Engagement departments.
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EditShare and EditShare and Florida State University
Florida State University, USA
Central to the enormous production and post-production content management needs of the FSU unit is EditShare. Several years ago, the facility installed an EditShare shared storage system, and this proved invaluable to both students and staff.
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EditShare and EditShare and St. Cloud State University
St. Cloud State University, USA
EditShare gives St. Cloud the flexibility so their producers and editors can access all of their content from any computer on the EditShare network, which allows for greater collaboration and time saving. And the central storage of content in combination with Flow asset management provides for the most efficient access to required material.
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