Media technology in ministry

In the past decade Houses of Worship have undergone a technology revolution in response to the changing needs and appetites of an increasingly media-centric audience. Modern Worship facilities are now harnessing the power of state-of-the-art production and distribution technologies to deliver an enhanced, media-rich experience to live congregations in attendance and to their extended community participating remotely.

The modern Worship centre is equipped with a wide array of the latest production and live performance equipment, including digital signage and high-end projection, P.A. systems and multi-track audio mixers for large choirs and live music. Portable and remote PTZ cameras are gaining widespread use as prices fall and quality continues to improve - many now come with UHD sensors. Live streaming technology is used to share services between congregations in different geographical locations. Media archiving collects hundreds of hours of valuable material from events and sermons and media automation solutions package this for broadcast, video on demand and physical media production.

EditShare’s cost-effective, super high-performance EFS storage servers benefit from a robust distributed media engineered scale-out file system, with no single point of failure, to ensure that content is kept online and available to all parties 24/7.

Beyond EFS storage, EditShare’s cohesive workflow solutions include ingest, media asset management, video editing, automated quality control, remote distribution, and playout - tools that perfectly meet the needs of HOW installation.

EditShare Geevs servers offer a HOW the ability to ingest live cameras angles directly from the main video switcher such as those from Broadcast Pix or Newtek Inc.

The ability to collaboratively edit projects whilst offering clients the creative freedom to choose their editing platform of choice, together with the ability to share media, annotate on media and distribute sermons all from within the EditShare precision toolset, makes EditShare an excellent value proposition for HOW.

From ingest through to delivery, EditShare’s tailored solutions ensure maximum value from generated media, allowing facilities to concentrate on delivering the message while EditShare’s technology takes care of the rest.