Video Surveillance Storage and Content Management

Faced with a rapidly changing safety and security landscape, security directors must do more than ever before to protect people, places and property. And the tool that security professionals most often rely upon to meet mission objectives is Video Surveillance.

Exciting new technologies, such as megapixel digital cameras, IP networking and advanced analytics promise better security capabilities and solutions. But these new technologies also present practical challenges, especially in the capture, storage and efficient use of surveillance footage.

High resolution surveillanceMegapixel cameras, for example, are capable of putting 10X more “pixels on target” but require 10X more storage capacity than their analog equivalents. Falling unit costs enable larger numbers of high-resolution cameras to be deployed. Video surveillance storage systems face the double whammy of more cameras operating at dramatically higher data rates.

Expanding surveillance retention policies compound the situation further. Whether legislated by correctional authorities or municipal authorities or mandated by transportation officials or corporate officers, footage that once was retained for days or weeks is now being stored for months and years! The capacity of video surveillance storage systems must be scaled without requiring forklift upgrades or disruptions to existing operations.

Today, video surveillance footage enables security professionals to identify threats, detect safety hazards, prosecute criminals and resolve civil matters. Because crucial information can be contained in just a single frame of video, it is imperative that surveillance storage systems be able to ingest tremendous volumes of camera signals without garbling or dropping a single frame. Coping with this requirement is very challenging, especially for storage systems designed for generic IT tasks.

Needless to say, because airports, train stations, ports and harbors, highways, bridges and public spaces are open 24 x 7, the video surveillance systems protecting them must also run around the clock. Downtime for scheduled maintenance or service outages is simply unacceptable.

Proven Performance and Reliability

For almost 15 years, EditShare has provided video storage and workflow solutions to the most demanding users in the television and film production segment. With over 3000 installations supporting standard, high definition and, lately, ultra-high definition (4K) workflows, we know what it takes to reliably capture, store, archive and deliver irreplaceable video content.

EditShare video surveillance storage solutions:

  • are compatible with all leading Video Management Systems
  • gracefully scale from 50TB to 5000TB without impact to ongoing operations
  • provide best-of-breed performance that eliminates dropped frames
  • guarantee round-the-clock operation through unique fault-tolerant high-availability architecture
  • are compatible with conventional 1G/10G Ethernet systems
  • can be complimented with disk or tape-based archive solutions

Our collaborative surveillance workflow solutions enable assets to be easily tracked, retrieved and enable collaboration between internal and external stakeholders. EditShare surveillance asset management solutions:

  • are powerful yet easy-to-use; they make finding relevant footage quick and easy
  • support comprehensive management of user rights and privileges
  • allow both local access and cloud access to remote users
  • can streamline workflows by automating routine, repetitive tasks

EditShare Studio Multicam workflow